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How old is my Old Town Canoe?

How old is my Old Town Canoe?

On canoes the serial number is located up to 12″ from the stern on the starboard side of the boat. The serial number on a wood canoe is stamped on the stem which is located on the inside of the boat at the bow and stern….You are here.

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What are Old Town Discovery canoes made of?

Old Town Canoe’s heavy but durable 17-foot canoe That tough-as-nails three-layer construction is a sandwich comprised of closed cell foam surrounded by layers of high-density linear polyethylene. No worries about running up on shore or bumping rocks downriver—the Discovery can take a beating.

What year was my Old Town Canoe made?

The first canoe built by Old Town Canoe was constructed in 1898 behind the Gray hardware store in Old Town, Maine. Unlike the pioneering canoe businesses established by E.H. Garrish, B.N. Morris, and E.M.

Who Makes Old Town canoes?

Johnson Outdoors
Old Town was the US distributor of sit-on-top kayaks designed by Plastiques LPA Ltd. of Quebec. Leisure Life, Ltd., one of the largest small-boat manufacturers in the world, was acquired by Johnson Outdoors in the 90’s….You are here.

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Where can I get Old Town Canoe parts?

Island Falls Canoe was pleased to be contracted by Old Town recently to build their iconic wooden canoes. As part of the arrangement we are also supplying genuine Old Town wooden canoe parts, hardware and supplies to canoe owners wishing to restore or repair their venerable Old Towns.

What kind of seats do discovery canoes have?

Our seat spacer fits perfectly with Old Town plastic molded seats and vinyl gunwales. These seats are found on Tripper 172 and Tripper XL canoes, many Discovery canoes and all Guide 147 and Guide 160 canoes.

How big are the seats on an Old Town Canoe?

Old Town Seats have varied over the years. Cane seats can be cut down to fit in classic or current Old Town models. This seat can accommodate seat bolt spacing of about 8 to 9 inches (measured front to rear, center to center). -Lowering the seat with a longer bolt and spacer gives you a bit more wiggle room on that.

Can a kayak be repaired at Old Town?

Though our Canoes and Kayaks are built to withstand years of use and abuse, mishaps can occur and your boat may at some point become damaged and need repair. In the event of a problem, we recommend you contact your local Old Town dealer for the appropriate repair kit or parts.