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How much is an Atari 2600 worth today?

How much is an Atari 2600 worth today?

If you have a Four Switch Woodgrain console, an Atari 2600 Jr, or a “Darth Vader”, they’re worth approximately 30-50 dollars. A Heavy Sixer is probably worth upwards of 60, whereas a Light Sixer will be about $40-$50.

Which Atari 2600 is worth the most?

13 Extremely Rare Atari 2600 Games All Collectors Want

  1. 1 E.T. (1982) Sold for $100,000.
  2. 2 Pepsi Invaders (1983) Worth $800.
  3. 3 Gauntlet (1983) Worth between $3,000 and $5,000.
  4. 4 Karate (1982) Worth $2,000.
  5. 5 Superman (1979) Worth more than $10,000.
  6. 6 Gamma-Attack (1983)
  7. 7 Birthday Mania (1984)
  8. 8 Extra Terrestrials (1983)

What Atari game is worth money?

Used Price: $13,800 | CIB Price: $NA | See Current Prices Red Sea Crossing is the most expensive Atari 2600 game when it is cartridge only, by about $10,000. Air Raid sells for more when it comes with a box.

How much is an original Atari 2600 1977 worth?

Atari 2600

Four-switch VCS model (1980-1982)
Release date NA: September 1977 EU: 1978 JP: October 1983 (Atari 2800)
Lifespan 1977–1992
Introductory price US$199 (equivalent to $849.88 in 2020)
Discontinued January 1, 1992

Where are the difficulty switches on an Atari 2600?

The two difficulty switches were moved from the front of the console to the upper back, alongside the controller ports, power jack, and channel selection switch (which was no longer optional but now included on all North American consoles).

How much does an Atari 2600 game console cost?

Atari 2600 Game list & price guide. Prices for all 662 2600 Games, accessories and consoles. Prices are updated daily based upon Atari 2600 listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our methodology .

What was the color palette of the Atari 2600?

The Atari 2600 used different color palettes depending on the television signal format used. With the NTSC format, a 128-color palette was available, while in PAL, only 104 colors were available. Additionally, the SECAM palette consisted of only 8 colors.

What kind of keyboard do you need for an Atari 2600?

The Atari CX50 keyboard controller functions as a computer keyboard and is required for games such as Star Raiders. The Atari Mindlink is a prototyped motion controller which measures the movement of the user’s eyebrows via a fitted headband, which replaces the paddle controller; however, the Mindlink was cancelled early in its development.

What is the rarest Atari console?

Atari 2600
With titles like Superman, the Atari 2600 produced some of the rarest games of all time. Air Raid for the Atari 2600 could possibly be the rarest of them all. The game, published by Men-A-Vision in 1982, has become one of the most prized possessions in gaming history.

What does WOR wizard say?

1) Get ready, worrior. 2) You better hope you don’t find me, the Wizard of Wor. 3) Another coin for my treasure chest. 4) Ah good!

Will Atari 2600 work on a modern TV?

Will Atari 2600 work with a modern TV? Using an adapter, yes, it’s possible to connect Atari to modern TV sets. Atari 2600s have an integrated RCA cable that fits in the composite or component inputs on modern TVs, but the signal isn’t compatible.

What Atari games are worth the most money?

The 10 Most Expensive Atari Games of All Time

  • Eli’s Ladder – Price: $1600 (New)
  • Star Wars Ewok Adventure Prototype – Price: $1680.
  • Malagai – Price: $2150.
  • Condor Attack – Price: $2950 (New)
  • Pepsi Invaders – Price: $3500 (New)
  • The Music Machine – Price: $5,250.
  • Red Sea Crossing – Price: $10,400.

Which Atari is worth the most money?

What is the most valuable Atari game?

Red Sea Crossing is the most expensive Atari 2600 game when it is cartridge only, by about $10,000.

What is Gauntlet game?

Gauntlet IV1993
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter1990Gauntlet1985Gauntlet

Are there any new controllers for the Atari 2600?

These new additions are the Super Combo and Super SMS arcade controllers. The Super Combo is a multi-console controller designed for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and ColecoVision, as well as the Adam computer, Atari 8-bit computers, and the Commodore 64.

How many players are in Wizard of WOR arcade?

Wizard of Wor Arcade – Atari 2600 Number of Players 1 – 2 Controller Joysticks Cartridge Size 32K CDF Code and Design John W. Champeau Graphics Nathan Strum

What is the legend of the Wizard of WOR?

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