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How much is a Leica robotic total station?

How much is a Leica robotic total station?

$363.99 $327.59

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What is the most accurate total station?

Leica Nova TS60
The new Leica Nova TS60 total station is the world’s most accurate total station, designed to tackle your most demanding projects.

What does Leica total station TS07 do for You?

Leica FlexLine TS07 is a manual total station, enabling you to carry out mid- to high-accuracy survey and stakeout tasks easily and efficiently. Building construction, civil engineering, or surveying and mapping professionals benefit from the TS07 helping them solve their daily professional challenges and tasks:

What is the range of the Leica flexline ts02plus?

This total station has a reflectorless range of up to 1,640 feet using the optional R500 EDM and up to 11,500 feet using a single prism. The Leica Flexline TS02Plus features an internal memory of up to 24,000 points. It includes a simple alphanumeric keyboard and a high-resolution Black and White LCD display.

Are there any Leica total stations for sale?

Leica TS16i 3″ R1000 CS20 Robotic set with accessories, calibrated. Mint shape! LEICA DNA 03. PERCISION DIGITAL LEVEL FOR SURVEYING Leica TS15i 2″ R1000 CS15 Robotic set with accessories, calibrated. Mint shape! Leica GS08 Network Rover & CS15 Controller w/ SmartWorx Viva & 90-day Warranty!

Is the Leica Nova mS60 a total station?

Get in-depth data on the Leica Nova MS60 – The new experience in measuring technology. Achieve the highest accuracy and reliability with our productive total stations that provide superb angle and distance technology and a powerful suite of onboard Apps.