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How much does QLeave cost?

How much does QLeave cost?

Currently, the combined levies is 0.575% of the total cost of the building and construction work which equates to $5.75 for every thousand dollars (or part thereof).

How is QLeave calculated?

The Scheme is funded by employers making a combined payment based on the wages they paid during each quarter. There’s no set dollar amount for long service leave payments. We calculate the payment amount as each worker lodges their claim.

Who pays QLeave levy?

Employers must pay a levy to QLeave each quarter in addition to completing an Employer Return. We calculate the levy based on 0.75% of workers’ ordinary wages paid during the return period. Click here to find out more about calculating ordinary wages.

Is QLeave compulsory?

If you’re an employer in the contract cleaning industry in Queensland, you’re required to register with QLeave if you engage one or more persons to perform cleaning work. (Exceptions are Commonwealth, State and Local Government.) To register with QLeave, please click here to complete an Employer Registration form.

How much does a qleave levy need to be?

The use of this calculator does NOT represent a notification by you to QLeave of the work to be undertaken. This calculator is supplied only as a tool to assist with the calculation of the payable levy when completing paper based forms. The total cost of work must be $150,000 (excluding GST) or above.

How do I become a member of qleave?

If you’re eligible, you can click here to join QLeave online or here to download a Worker Membership Application form. Please contact [email protected] to request a hard copy of the form. You can also be registered by your employer if they submit a Worker Service Return detailing your eligible work to us.

How old do you have to be to claim on qleave?

Our highest priority is working with our members who are now out of work. Claiming online is the fastest way to access your long service leave. We continue to pay long service leave claims for members with 10 years of recorded industry service and those who are leaving the industry, with more than 7 years of recorded service.

How to make an appointment with a qleave employee?

In response to requirements for social distancing, customers need to make an appointment to visit our Northgate office. Please click this booking form link to schedule a time to meet with a QLeave staff member.