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How much does it cost to make wood pellets?

How much does it cost to make wood pellets?

A good average to consider when building a Green Pellet Plant from start to finish is approximately 1.2 to 2 million dollars per desired ton per hour. Example: You want to build a 6 ton per hour plant. The cost of construction and equipment will come in somewhere between 7.2 and 12 million dollars.

What companies make wood pellets?

wood pellets production Companies in USA

  • Energex American, Inc. based in Mifflintown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA) Energex began operations in 1993 when we obtained our Lac-Mégantic, QC facility from Shell Oil Company.
  • Harman Stoves. based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA)
  • Enviva LP. based in Bethesda, MARYLAND (USA)

What is the process of making wood pellets?

Wood Pellets are made by reducing the raw wood material into sawdust, heating it up so to bring the moisture content to ~10% and then squeezing it under high pressure through tiny holes in a matrix. The pressure and the heat makes the wood into almost a putty which is able to mold,…

What are the best raw materials to make wood pellets from?

raw material for wood pellets. The process of making wood pellets is very simple because all that is necessary is wood pellet material such as straw, wood, alfalfa, wood, cornstalks, cardboard, grass, grain, leaves, clippings, and cornhusks .

What equipment is needed to make wood pellets?

There are several pieces of equipment that are used in the commercial wood pellet manufacturing process. These can include hammer mills, dryers, pelletizers, coolers, baggers, and boilers to name a few of themajor ones. Note that this is for a large scale commercial manufacturing pellet line.

What materials can hard wood pellet making machine process?

Wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine for processing the raw materials like sawdust, wood, peanut shell, straw, leaves and so on. Nowadays, there are various different types of pellet mill in the market.