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How much does a j80 cost?

How much does a j80 cost?

Ramzi Bannura: There are more than 1,000 boats that have been built world-wide, with 250+ boats here in the US and Canada. The average price ranges between $25-35,000 all up, and as previously mentioned, the J/80 tends to hold its value since older boats are build solid and are competitive with newer boats.

Can a j80 capsize?

Keelboats have a fixed keel (a lead-weighted fin attached to the bottom). The boats start at about 20 feet long and weigh enough that you need a crane or lift to get them into the water. They are sturdy and well suited to sailing through chop or heavy weather. They do not capsize except in extreme weather.

How fast can a J80 go?

Thanks to its inertia, this boat is great to helm upwind. Her lightweight design also enables her to very quickly get up on the plane in downwind conditions and reach average speeds of 12-13kts in upward of 15kts of breeze!

How much does A J Boat J80 cost?

1995 J Boats j80 J Boat J80 Year: 1995 Engine: N/A Located in: Corpus Christi Hull Material: Fiberglass Current Price: US $23,000 “X2sea” is an outstanding example of a well maintained J-Boat J80 Day Sailer/One Design Racer.“X2sea” has to be seen in order to appreciate all of the upgrades and equipment her owner has completed and installed.

Is the 1996 J Boats J 80 ready to race?

1996 J Boats J 80. 1996 J Boats J 80 SQUIBNOCKET is ready to race! Many upgrades and a huge Sail Inventory this is a must see. All New Standing and Running Rigging, comes with dual axel triad trailer. The J/80, was drawn to be the perfect family racer/daysailor and is still achieving a great success today.

How big is the cockpit of the J / 80?

J/80 is the only sportboat that combines simplicity of operation, confidence building stability and 15+ knot spinnaker rides in an affordable, low maintenance and trailerable package. It even has 4 berths and a 12 foot long cockpit.

Is the J / 80 used in match racing?

The J/80 has been used actively in match racing as well; including the BMW Berlin Match Race in Berlin, Germany; the World Match Race Sailing Association event in Le Havre, France; and the China Cup Match Race in Xiamen, China. If you’re looking for a great class to get involved in, look no further than the International J/80.