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How much does 105 siding cost?

How much does 105 siding cost?

#2 Grade. #105. Siding. Southern Yellow Pine Lumber, SYP Wood….

SKU: 431
Description: 1X8 16′ #2 #105 Siding Yellow Pine
Price: $17.44/ea

Is Yellow pine good for siding?

Pine and cedar are the two main wood species used for exterior siding. Cedar types include eastern white cedar, red cedar, and Alaskan yellow cedar; each type has a color true to its name. While pine siding can be very affordable, it can’t resist rot and insects like cedar can.

What is the thickness of wood siding?

Plain board siding — also called clapboard siding — uses standard dimensional lumber, such as nominal 1-by-8 or 1-by-6 boards measuring 3/4 inch thick when seasoned and planed to a smooth finish.

Can you use pine boards for siding?

Pine has long been a standard for exterior siding. Pine holds a finish well, and is preferable when painting or staining horizontal siding. It is typically used for clapboards, but some contractors are wary of fast-growth pine for siding because it can be prone to cupping, splitting, and checking.

What kind of siding is southern yellow pine?

Used for centuries in elegant and rustic settings: paneling is still gorgeous after years of use. Southern Yellow Pine is growing, renewable resource. It is also abundant, growing, and strong. How can we improve our product information?

What kind of siding does Holbrook lumber use?

In EWP siding we currently stock Shiplap, Rough Cut Barn Siding and Drop (Novelty) Siding. Take a look below at our stock offerings and call inside sales for any specific patterns or grade needs you may have.

Where can I buy southern pine siding board?

Hi BigC, it looks like that this Siding Board is a store exclusive item and only able to be bought in a Home Depot store. Unfortunately we do not sell it with online stock for purchase.

What kind of wood is used for wood siding?

Great siding starts with Goods from the Woods! Our Hemlock bevel siding is old growth Western Hemlock and is all C&BTR vertical grain. Hemlock is a great alternative to pine or cedar as it does not contain extractives and is therefore not prone to bleeding.