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How much do Disney planners make?

How much do Disney planners make?

How much does a Planner make at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in the United States? Average Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Planner hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.31, which is 46% below the national average.

Do you have to pay a Disney travel agent?

It’s 100% Free. Disney travel planners and their host agency receive a small commission for booking trips. However, this is paid out by Disney (not the clients). When you add up all these advantages, there’s really no reason to book your own trip, even if you’ve been to Disney many times before.

How do I get a Disney planner?

The best way to find an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner in your area is with a Google Search, or from word of mouth from satisfied customers. Excellent planners will have a reputation of going above and beyond to help Guests plan the most magical vacations ever!

What are Disney Travel Agents called?

And unlike many of their competitors, Mouseketrips is a Disney-only travel agency.

Is being a Disney travel agent worth it?

Yes it can be fun and rewarding, but it takes long hours and at the end of the day you should get paid for your work. Every Disney Specialized Travel Agency pays differently but most pay you commission.

Should I tip my Disney planner?

As Richard said, a nice letter of appreciation sent to the boss would be appropriate and appreciated. Tipping isn’t something they’re even really set up for. I would consider a well though out gift from your trip a better idea.

What are the perks of being a Disney travel agent?

Are There Any Perks To Disney’s Travel Agent Program?

  • About 50% off a Disneyland Resort Hotel.
  • About 50% off a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel.
  • About 30-40% off an Aulani hotel room.
  • About 50% off a Disney Cruise Line Booking.
  • One free 1-day Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket.

Can a Disney cast member be a travel agent?

Because some agencies bring aboard literally hundreds of agents, even if they do include The REAL TRUTH – There is NO Such Thing As A Disney Travel Agent – ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​those agency owners can’t possibly keep track of everywhere their people go, what they say and how they say it. …

Is it cheaper to use a Disney planner?

Yes, Disney Travel Agents Often Cheaper So, to sum it up, the deals you find on Disney’s websites are the same ones that your Disney travel specialist will book for you. However, you yourself may overlook some promotions that the travel agent will be privy to.

Are Disney planners worth it?

While some agencies and agents definitely do a better job and have more thorough knowledge of Disney than others, the vast majority of them are helpful. If you are overwhelmed planning, a Disney TA can help. The first and biggest reason to use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner is the service.

What is the benefit of using a Disney travel agent?

Some other common benefits to using a travel agent in the Disney vacation planning process include: Free travel quotes. Detailed Dining Plan explanations. Assistance in choosing a package.

What are the benefits of being a Disney travel agent?

All Walt Disney World Travel agents are compensated directly by Disney. This allows us to offer our services at the exact same price you would receive if you booked directly from Disney. The Park Prodigy offers free quotes on all 2021 Walt Disney World packages including Resort Rooms, Dining Plans, and Transportation.

Who are the travel agents for Disney World?

Making Magic ™ – You will work hand in hand with one magical Disney Travel Agent throughout your entire planning process! All of our Disney Travel Agents specialize in Disney vacations. They offer years of experience regarding Disney travel, and are proud graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge!

Who are the Platinum level authorized Disney vacation planners?

We ONLY plan Disney vacations and as a Platinum level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, we are widely considered THE Disney experts at Making Magic ™ – that’s what we do! One Vacation at a Time ™ – MickeyTravels personalizes each client’s Disney vacation based on their specific needs and wants.

Where are the Disney travel planners in PA?

Located in Cranberry Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, the agency currently employs over 40 Disney travel planners. Their mission statement reads: “We make dreams come true by providing the best vacation planning services so that our guests will experience a truly magical vacation.”

How to get a Disney Vacation planner job?

For the most part, Disney vacation planners are on their own to find client leads. Some of the larger, more established agencies may have a prominent social media presence or high Google search ranking, in which case you may get some client leads handed to you.