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How much do Big Ten basketball refs make?

How much do Big Ten basketball refs make?

The middle 57% of Ncaa Basketball Referees makes between $36,803 and $91,194, with the top 86% making $200,447.

Who are the Big Ten commissioners?

Kevin Warren
Big Ten Conference/Commissioners

Who is Bo Borowski?

A captain of the hockey team in college and a leader in the office space my work ethic is seen as infectious to others. As a student at Robert Morris University in Chicago, I completed my Master’s degree in Finance and Management. I was a valedictorian student with a 4.0 GPA in undergrad and graduate studies.

Who is boroski?

For Bo Boroski, the Indianapolis-based Big Ten, Big East and Pac-12 official who worked March Madness and the national title game between Baylor and Gonzaga, it was a long-held dream come true — a local guy getting to officiate an NCAA Tournament being held in his backyard, downtown being just seven miles from his home …

How much do Big Ten referees get paid?

According to Bill Carollo, Officiating Coordinator for the Big Ten, Big Ten officials get paid $3,000 per game. According to Terry McAulay, former Officiating Coordinator for the American Athletic Conference, the American pays each official between $2,200 to $2,500 per game.

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Who has the prettiest wife in the NBA?

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How much are NBA referees paid?

Senior referees (the most experienced referees) make an average of $3,500 per game or an annual salary of $500,000. Per contest, the average salary of an NBA referee ranges from $1,829 to $6,707. On top of their salary, an additional $800 to $5,000 per game is earned in the postseason depending on rank.

How many referees are there for basketball?

Basketball is a sport that is played with five players per team, while the game is controlled by 2 referees. In some competitions, generally, the important or decisive parties, usually one more referee is added, thus making a total of 3 so that in this way there is a main referee and two assistants.

What is Big Ten basketball?

The Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament is the grand final of the college basketball regular season, with the champion automatically appearing at the national NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The Big Ten Conference is itself part of the larger NCAA Division I and home to some of the toughest, most competitive teams in the US.

Who are the Big Ten basketball teams?

The Big Ten lacrosse league includes Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, and Johns Hopkins, which joined the Big Ten conference as an affiliate member in 2014. The teams that compete in Big Ten men’s lacrosse have combined to win 12 NCAA national championships.