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How many war memorials are in New Zealand?

How many war memorials are in New Zealand?

There are more than 60 memorials in New Zealand to the dead of the New Zealand Wars.

How many memorials for World war 1 are there in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s First World War memorials are part of the fabric of our lives. Virtually every township has one, usually in the main street. Excluding the many honours boards and plaques in schools and churches, there are well over 500 public memorials to the soldiers of the Great War, 1914 – 1918.

Who often led the campaign for a local memorial to be built?

In the 1920s mothers and sisters would rub their fingers over their son’s name on the local memorial. Often parents of fallen soldiers led the campaign for a local memorial. Alfred Faulkner was a county engineer in the Wairarapa who lost a son and a nephew in the war.

Which is the First World War Memorial in New Zealand?

The Matakana memorial was the first statue memorial erected to commemorate World War One after the end of the war.

Where are all the monuments in New Zealand?

Monuments in New Zealand 1. Moa Statue , Queenstown. 4.0 Monument 2. Hairy Maclary & Friends Tauranga Waterfront Sculpture , Tauranga. 4.6 Monument 3. MJ Savage Memorial Park , Auckland. 4.4 Monument 4. Seymour Square , Blenheim. 4.3 Fountain 5. Bridge of Remembrance , Christchurch. 4.1 Bridge 6. Banks Peninsula War Memorial and Grounds , Akaroa.

Why are there so many statues in New Zealand?

The memorial is a tribute to the imperial and colonial soldiers who fought for Britain during the New Zealand Wars between 1845 and 1872. The statue, which was attacked in 2018, is one of three in the country, with the others located in Waimate and Palmerston. The Zealandia statue was vandalised by anti-colonial activists two years ago.

Where is the ANZAC Memorial in New Zealand?

Of this number there were 58,000 casualties, of which 16,697 men and women were killed as a direct consequence the First World War. The Memorial Statue will be positioned facing Australia – significant as New Plymouth is the most westerly city in New Zealand to recognise the unique ANZAC fellowship.