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How many service stars can you get BF4?

How many service stars can you get BF4?

130 service stars
Battlefield 4 There are currently a total of 130 service stars, each being capable of being obtained 100 times.

What year is BF4 set in?

Setting. The singleplayer campaign is set in the year 2020, six years after the events of the previous game. While the War of 2014 has ended, tensions between the United States and Russia are at an all-time high.

Where do you get ammo in Battlefield 4?

The campaign features assignments that require specific actions and unlock weapons for use in multiplayer upon completion. Collectible weapons return along with the introduction of collectible dog tags which can be used in multiplayer. Weapon crates are found throughout all levels, allowing players to obtain ammo and switch weapons.

What was the reception of the game Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 was met with positive reception. It was praised for its multiplayer mode, gameplay and graphics, but was criticized for its single-player campaign and for numerous bugs and glitches in the multiplayer. It was a commercial success, selling over 7 million copies. The game’s heads-up display (HUD) is composed of two compact rectangles.

When is the release date for Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by video game developer EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is a sequel to 2011’s Battlefield 3 and was released in October 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; then later in November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One .

What are the customisation options in Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 options also allow colour-blind players to change the on-screen colour indicators to: tritanomaly, deuteranomaly and protanomaly. Weapon customisation is expansive and encouraged. Primary, secondary and melee weapons can all be customised with weapon attachments and camouflage ‘skins’.