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Vehicle Specifications

e2 e4
Payload Capacity 800 lbs (363 kg) 1,150 lbs (522 kg)
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H) 103 x 55.5 x 73 in (262 x 141 x 186 cm) 135 x 55.5 x 73 in (343 x 141 x 186 cm)
Wheelbase 69 in (175 cm) 101 in (257 cm)
Turning Radius 150 in (381 cm) 207 in (526 cm)

How much does a GEM e4 weigh?


Item GEM e2 GEM e4
Dry Weight 1200 lb (544 kg) 1350 lb (612 kg)
Length 103 in (262 cm) 135 in (343 cm)
Width 55.5 in (141 cm) 55.5 in (141 cm)
Height 73.1 in (186 cm) 73.1 in (186 cm)

Is Polaris GEM street-legal?

Is Polaris GEM street-legal? Yes. GEM is the leader in the LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle) market, and GEM vehicles are street-legal in 47 states. An LSV is a vehicle class that has a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), and can legally be driven on most roads posted 35 mph (50 km/h) or less.

How many volts is a GEM car?

GEM cars are powered by a 72-volt-battery system, which provides power to a custom controller and powers the electric drive motor.

What makes the gem E4 the best vehicle?

GEM ® e4 combines its superior comfort and security features to be the optimal on-road transportation vehicle. *Does not include freight and setup. Please consult your GEM dealer for the latest color offerings and options. Explore the GEM e4 gallery and learn why GEM is the smarter way to move.

How many seats does an E4 Gem have?

2021 GEM® e4, Stand out from the typical golf cart with four forward-facing high back seats, 3 point safety belts and plenty of legroom. GEM® e4 com…

How much does a Polaris gem E4 cost?

Stand out from the typical golf cart with superior comfort and safety. GEM e4 is the optimal neighborhood electric vehicle. Starting at $13,701 US MSRP.

Is the 1998 gem E4 an electric car?

1998 GEM Electric Car! 4 Seater, 72 Volt System. Batteries are only 1 year old. Good Condition! Runs Great! Charges Great! This is a rare wheelchair accessible GEM e4. Produced by Braun and labeled Amkar, it is a GEM e4 with a wheelchair ramp, removable front seats, and a wider platform.