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How long does Globegistics take to ship?

How long does Globegistics take to ship?

The package was delivered in 6 business days….Parcel Tracking FAQs.

Service Average Delivery Time (Business Days)
USPS International Priority Airmail (IPA)* 4 to 9
USPS International Surface Airlift (ISAL)* 7 to 14
Globegistics eCom Tracked DDP 3 to 10
Royal Mail Tracked 48 2**

How long does Asendia take to ship?

between 6-21 days
In general, it will take anywhere between 6-21 days to deliver a package through Asendia.

How do I contact Globegistics?

Globegistics Inc. is a leader in the worldwide distribution of ecommerce parcels, business mail and publications for publishers and printers….Globegistics Inc. Information.

Founded 1980
Address 3333 New Hyde Park Rd, New Hyde Park, New York 11042, US
Phone (866) 296-8003

Where is Asendia facility located?

In which countries is Asendia located? Asendia has offices in 17 countries across Asia (Singapore and Hong Kong), Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Nordics, Benelux, Spain, the UK), and the United States.

How long does it take for a globegistics package to be delivered?

This package was shipped via Globegistics eCom Packet service with an estimated delivery of 4-9 business days – Shipment in Transit to Destination (barring any delays in customs). The package was delivered in 6 business days. *These services do not offer Final Delivery Tracking.

Where do I find the globegistics tracking code?

The Globegistics tracking code is on the payment receipt of the parcel that is ready for shipping. It usually takes a few days for the information to get into the tracking system. Such a tracking service is a vital tool in the shipping industry since clients can independently track their parcels from the dispatch point to the delivery location.

Are there any postal services that use globegistics?

Moreover, technological advancements continue to improve service delivery by incorporating tracking solutions such as the Globegistics parcel tracking feature. Other postal services with this feature include the China post, GATI, and Marschroute, as well as many others.