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How important is the Kiel Canal?

How important is the Kiel Canal?

one of Europe’s main transportation routes: With more than 35,000 ship transits per year, Kiel Canal is the world’s busiest artificial waterway, ahead of the Suez-Canal and the Panama-Canal. By reducing the length of sea transport it contributes to the reduction of air emissions and thus to climate protection. …

Why is Kiel famous?

Welcome to Kiel Kiel is Germany’s northernmost town. Situated right on the Baltic Sea, it is the last stop on one of the busiest artificial waterways in the world, the Kiel Canal. Kiel is an important base for the German Navy and famous for its international sailing event, the “Kieler Woche”.

How many locks are in a Kiel Canal?

Construction of a fifth lock chamber and complete refurbishment; as well as upgrade of the existing lock infrastructure in Brunsbüttel. In theory, a total of four lock chambers are available for ships entering or leaving Kiel Canal at its western end in Brunsbüttel….Links.

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Who built Kiel Canal?

Kaiser Wilhelm II
In June 1887 construction works started at Holtenau, near Kiel. The canal took over 9,000 workers eight years to build. On June 20, 1895 it was officially opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II for transiting from Brunsbüttel to Holtenau….Links.

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Where is the Kiel Canal in Germany located?

Kiel Canal, German Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, English North Sea–Baltic Sea Canal, waterway in northern Germany, extending eastward for 98 km (61 miles) from Brunsbüttelkoog (on the North Sea, at the mouth of the Elbe River) to Holtenau (at Kiel Harbour on the Baltic Sea).

How many nautical miles are saved by the Kiel Canal?

An average of 250 nautical miles (460 km) is saved by using the Kiel Canal instead of going around the Jutland Peninsula. This not only saves time but also avoids storm-prone seas and having to pass through the Sound or Belts .

How is the Kiel Canal linked to the river Eider?

This not only saves time but also avoids storm-prone seas and having to pass through the Sound or Belts . Besides its two sea entrances, the Kiel Canal is linked, at Oldenbüttel, to the navigable River Eider by the short Gieselau Canal.

How tall are the bridges on the Kiel Canal?

Several railway lines and federal roads ( Autobahnen and Bundesstraßen) cross the canal on eleven fixed links. The bridges have a clearance of 42 metres (138 ft) allowing for ship heights up to 40 metres (130 ft).