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How good is the Colnago C59?

How good is the Colnago C59?

Performance. I’ve ridden many top-end carbon race bikes, but the C59 leaps to the very top of my list of best all time rides. The low weight and high stiffness of the frame means it’s a very efficient bike at transferring your energy into momentum.

Is Colnago made by Giant?

All other Colnago bicycles are assembled in Italy. No Colnago carbon fiber frames are made at Giant and none will be, as Mr. Despite this denial, since 2007 Colnago’s carbon monocoque CLX frame has been manufactured in Taiwan. In 2008, a second Colnago carbon fiber model, the CX-1 was also sourced in Taiwan.

Is the Colnago C64 fast?

New flagship Colnago C64 is their lightest, fastest, most comfortable race bike. The all new Colnago C64 is the (R)evolution of a species, becoming their new top-level lugged carbon road bike. The name is significant in that it’s their 64th year in existence.

Where are Colnago bikes made?

It is the only carbon Colnago made in Italy. Like most other brands, Colnago went to Taiwan for manufacturing as a matter of survival. The company will fiercely state that the bikes made outside Italy are still Colnago, with the design, geometry, and ride characteristics coming from Italy.

What kind of frame does a Colnago C59 use?

The C59 is Colnago’s go-to race frame, and this top-flight Italia version is available in mechanical and electronic variants. Colnago uses a lugged carbon construction for the C59’s frame, which is available in 22 stock sizes, plus custom options.

Is the Colnago C59 disc a magic carpet?

The standard C59 prioritises power delivery over compliance, and the Disc version is distinctly unyielding. Not to the point of being harsh or uncomfortable, but it’s no magic carpet. On the other hand, it’s also ridiculously fast, accelerating with a vigour that belies its welterweight build.

Is the Colnago C50 a good bike to buy?

Top end Colnago’s never seem to date either, C40’s and C50’s still command high prices on the second hand market and this is what it’s all about, buying a bike for its style, its tradition, not just how it rides.

Can a headset be replaced on a Colnago C59?

To aid durability, Colnago has used aluminium dropouts and inserts in the head tube, meaning headset cups can be replaced when necessary. Our only issue with the C59 came from the headset. Instead of a traditional assembly, the bearings are preloaded by two rings underneath the stem.