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How good are Actron Air conditioners?

How good are Actron Air conditioners?

The Actron ESP range of Air Conditioners are known for their excellent efficiency in the face of extremely hot temperatures. These energy efficient air conditioners provided users with tangible savings on their energy bills. Quiet Operation – Users noted that their Actron system had a very quiet operation.

Where are Actron Air conditioners manufactured?

Proudly Australian designed and built since 1984. We’re extremely proud that a wide range of our products, including a number of our residential split ducted systems, through to our commercial packaged and commercial split ducted systems, and a wide range of our controls, are all designed and built in Australia.

Is Actron better than Daikin?

The Daikin has more heating power than the Actron. I like the Actron because the controller and zoning system are all made by the same company and if anything goes wrong, they can trouble shoot better and won’t get the run around with each company blaming the other.

Are Actron split systems good?

The units is efficient, easy to use and cools the room very quickly on a hot day. The unit was also good value for money. I also like that it is Australian owned. Though the features on the unit are relatively similar to the previous unit I had the performance of the air conditioners cooling is much better.

Which is the best company to buy Actron air conditioners?

The experienced technicians at NewAge Air have years of experience providing Actron air conditioners to the local region. Although Actron Air Conditioner prices vary, the specialised team at NewAge Air Conditioning & Heating can tailor an air conditioning system to best suit your household or business.

What does actronconnect do for your air conditioner?

ActronConnect gives you total control of your Actron Air ducted air conditioner whether you’re at the footy, the beach, or just about anywhere you get mobile internet connectivity. It also allows you to check indoor temperatures remotely and comes in very handy if you ever forget to turn your air conditioning off!

Who is the Authorised Service agent for Actron air?

Actron Air and Samsung Service & Repairs Amos Air is has been an authorised service agent for Actron Air and Samsung systems for the past 10 years. During that time we have been able to identify the typical problem areas and equipment to check that will prevent costly repairs and the inconvenience of breakdown.

Where can I get Actron Air Service in Newcastle?

If you haven’t had your Actron Air or Samsung system serviced recently, do it before it lets you down. We service a broad area reaching from Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, south to the Central Coast and north as far as Tea Gardens.