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How do you use rife in a sentence?

How do you use rife in a sentence?

Rife in a Sentence 🔉

  1. During the last economic crisis, the unemployment office was so rife with people that additional chairs were brought into the building.
  2. The beach is rife with young people during the summer months.

What does rife mean in slang?

Use the adjective rife to mean “full of” or “widespread,” especially when you’re talking about something negative.

What is an example of Rife?

Examples are “shoplifting was rife” or “the city was rife with greed and corruption.” Rumors and speculation are also frequently described as “rife.” But rife can also be appropriately used for good or neutral things. For example, you might speak of the summer garden being “rife” with scents.

Is Rife a negative word?

“Rife” meaning “abundant” was originally a word which could have positive, negative, or neutral meanings but when followed by “with” its use gradually narrowed to mostly negative meanings: “the town is rife with nasty rumors.”

Can you say something is rife?

If you say that something, usually something bad, is rife in a place or that the place is rife with it, you mean that it is very common. Speculation is rife that he will be sacked. Bribery and corruption were rife in the industry.

Is Rife a Scrabble word?

Yes, rife is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is it ripe or rife?

Words to Watch: Ripe or Rife? These similar-sounding words are easily confused. “Rife” means (among other things) “full of, abounding in,” and is used with “with.” “Ripe” does not normally have that sense — it means, essentially, “fully developed, mature.”

What is the synonym of Rife?

rifeadjective. Synonyms: abounding, prevalent, plentiful, replete.

Is Qi a scrabble word?

Although it’s most commonly spelled CHI in standard usage, the variant form QI is the single most-played word in SCRABBLE tournaments, according to game records of the North American SCRABBLE Players Association (NASPA).

Is Ripe a metaphor?

It’s certainly a metaphor. “Ripe” means mature; ready for harvesting or eating. The Army Group Centre was in the perfect condition for “taking” (capturing or defeating), just as a ripe fruit is in the perfect condition for picking and eating.

Is qui a scrabble?

No, qui is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What in the world is a rife machine?

A Rife machine is an electronic device used as an alternative form of disease treatment for a variety of medical conditions . Radiorequencies are used to treat the diseases, with specific frequency modulations for each disease. The Rife machine is named after, but only loosely connected with, the American doctor and inventor Royal Raymond Rife.

What is rife or resonance therapy?

Rife’s method of destroying microorganisms and cancer cells was based on the principle of resonance – every living organism has a frequency signature or unique energy resonance – every virus, bacteria, and cancer cell. Rife developed equipment to apply specific frequency of energies that could destroy germs without harming the patient.

What are Rife frequencies?

Rife machines are devices which emit audio frequencies or radio frequencies applied in some fashion to an individual with the intent of bettering the individual’s health. They are used by experimenters, both practitioners and private users alike, to influence the body in making chemical changes.