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How do you use bureaucrat in a sentence?

How do you use bureaucrat in a sentence?

Bureaucracy sentence example

  1. These honorary justices are mainly recruited from the ranks of the higher bureaucracy and the army.
  2. His next job was to restore the bureaucracy by which Henry I had organized the country.

What is bureaucracy sentence?

Definition of Bureaucracy. a method of business or government in which red tape processes are used to delay action. Examples of Bureaucracy in a sentence. 1. The bureaucracy of the legislative government is delaying the passage of much needed educational funding.

How is the word bureaucrat used in a sentence?

The bureaucrat has earned a reputation as a hard-nosed official who only thinks about the department’s bottom line. 🔊 Although the bureaucrat says he cares about the needs of the people in his jurisdiction, his main focus is making sure the government functions run smoothly. 🔊

What kind of work does a bureaucrat do?

Despite the bad-mouthing they often get, partly because they usually have to stick so close to the rules, bureaucrats do almost all the day-to-day work that keeps a government running. The idea of a bureaucracy is to split up the complicated task of governing a large country into smaller jobs that can be handled by specialists.

What’s the relationship between a citizen and a bureaucrat?

The relationship between bureaucrat and citizen was that of ruler and subject. Secondly, the issue of asylum seekers is far too serious an issue to some of us to be fast-tracked by some bureaucrat. For a relatively low-level bureaucrat, he maintained remarkable access to the President.

Who are the bureaucrats in the Roman Empire?

Bureaucratic government is nothing new; the Roman empire had an enormous and complex bureaucracy, with the bureaucrats at lower levels reporting to bureaucrats above them, and so on up to the emperor himself.