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How do you take depth of field pictures with a DSLR?

How do you take depth of field pictures with a DSLR?

Start at the widest maximum aperture that your lens allows (a small f-stop such as f/3.5) then press and hold down the DOF preview button. Then, close down the aperture by increasing the f-stop in increments such as f/5.6, f/8 and f/11, pressing the button in between each to see what the effect looks like.

Is the Minolta SRT 101 a good camera?

The Minolta SRT-101 is ont of the most popular cameras of all time. Minolta made millions of them. The good news is that they are so solid and well built that most of them still work perfectly, which is better than even LEICA cameras of this era. The SRT-101 has a full-aperture through-the-lens coupled light meter.

How do you get depth of field on a camera?

Depth of field is determined by aperture, lens focal length, and the distance to the subject: Aperture: Wider apertures (lower f-numbers) reduce depth of field, smaller apertures (higher f-numbers) increase depth of field.

What kind of meter does the Minolta SRT 101 have?

The SRT is a completely mechanical camera. The SRT-101 has a full-aperture through-the-lens coupled light meter. It’s also called the SR-T-101, since SR is Minolta’s original series of SLR cameras, and Minolta added the “T” for the new TTL meter of the SRT cameras.

Is the Minolta sr-t101 still a good camera?

Even now, nearly 40 years after it was released, the SR-T101 remains a potent photographic tool. As a principal camera, it makes an excellent and reliable tool. As a second body to a more recent model Minolta camera the argument in favour of the SR-T is even more powerful.

What’s the shutter speed on a Minolta 35mm SLR?

Minolta SR-T101 35mm SLR camera focal plane shutter shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000. mirror lockup, a mechanical self-timer and a depth-of-field preview button Manual focus uses a PX625 cell for the metering system only. With a dead battery, all functions but the meter will continue to work

When was the last Minolta SRT camera made?

While the SRT series cameras stayed in production for 15 years (till 1981), the general model SRT-101 was replaced by the SRT-201/101b/SR101 in 1976 and again by another variant of SRT-210/101b/SR101s in 1978. The Minolta SRT 101b, a later variant of the SRT101, was first released in 1976 and stayed in production till the end of the SRT line.