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How do you take care of a ginger Shell plant?

How do you take care of a ginger Shell plant?

Place variegated shell ginger plants grown as houseplants in bright sunlight, and keep the soil moist. Indoor-grown variegated shell ginger plants will benefit from being placed in a humid environment, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Water variegated ginger shell plant often, but don’t allow the soil to become soggy.

Are there different types of ginger plants?

Types of Ginger Plants

  • Common Ginger. Botanical Name: Zingiber Officinale. Other Names: True ginger, Jengibre, Jenjibre dulce, Ginger, Adrak, and Kion.
  • Beehive Ginger. Botanical Name: Zingiber spectabile.
  • Bitter Ginger. Botanical Name: Zingiber zerumbet.
  • Myoga Ginger. Botanical Name: Zingiber mioga.

How many varieties of ginger plants are there?

There are 6 basic types and 4 types by color. We explain them all here along with photo examples. Most people are familiar with the common Chinese ginger.

Which is the best ginger variety?

Top 5 ginger varieties and their usage

  1. Common ginger. Also known as Indian or Chinese ginger, it is one of the types of ginger that is widely used in curries, stews, and soups all over Asia.
  2. Galangal.
  3. Turmeric.
  4. Peacock ginger.
  5. White ginger.

What is the Latin name for shell ginger?

Variegated Shell Ginger. Latin: Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’. Variegated shell ginger is a bold plant with bright, colorful foliage that makes a statement in the garden.

What can I plant with variegated shell ginger?

Variegated shell ginger in a mixed planting. Combine it with dark foliage for dramatic contrast, and use it to brighten up a lightly shaded area. Mix variegated ginger with banana plants, castor bean ( Ricinus communis) and elephant ears for an exotic foliage garden.

What does the shell ginger plant look like?

This plant is called the shell ginger because its flowers are pink in bud and somewhat resemble small, coiled seashells. Open flowers are orchid-like with pink petals and a yellow throat.

What kind of Ginger is green with yellow leaves?

Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’. Variegated ginger – sometimes called “shell ginger” – dominates the tropical shade garden with striped green and yellow leaves and a wide-spreading habit. This handsome and impressive plant takes center stage anywhere it’s planted.