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How do you search a date range on Youtube?

How do you search a date range on Youtube?

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  1. Click Videos and Tools.
  2. Click the drop-down menu labeled “Any source” and select
  3. Click the drop-down menu labeled “Any time” and select Custom range.
  4. Select a date range and click Go.

How do I sort search results by date?

Click Search features from the left menu and open the Advanced tab. Click on Results sorting. By default, sorting by Relevance and Date will already be available. If that’s all you need, just click the slider to make sure Results sorting is On.

How do I search by date?

To get search results before a given date, add “before:YYYY-MM-DD” to your search query. For example, searching “the best donuts in Boston before:2008-01-01” will yield content from 2007 and earlier. To get results after a given date, add “after:YYYY-MM-DD” at the end of your search.

How can I search for a specific date?

To choose a more specific date range follow those steps, then click anywhere on the text in that box after the colon (so, for example, on “this week”) and a calendar will pop up. Click any date to search for files modified on that day. To search a range of dates, you have a few options: Click a date and drag your mouse to select the range.

How to search for a movie on YouTube?

The search operator for finding movies is, you got it right, movie. Add the keyword hd to your search query and YouTube will only show High-definition video clips that are either 720p (1280×720) or 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). Or add 4k to limit your search to 4K content.

How to search for a video on Google?

Find videos with… Then narrow your results by… Find pages in the language you select. Specify the length you prefer. Find pages updated within the time you specify. Limit videos to HD only. Find videos with captions. Tell SafeSearch whether to filter sexually explicit content.

How to search for YouTube videos by length?

Add the keyword long to your search query and YouTube will only return videos that are at least 20 minutes in length. Or append short to limit search to videos that are 4 minutes in length or less. Perform exact-match searches on YouTube allintitle:“google goes gaga”