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How do you add axis labels in Excel 2010?

How do you add axis labels in Excel 2010?

Click the chart, and then click the Chart Layout tab. Under Labels, click Axis Titles, point to the axis that you want to add titles to, and then click the option that you want. Select the text in the Axis Title box, and then type an axis title.

How do I customize axis labels in Excel?

Right-click the category labels you want to change, and click Select Data.

  1. In the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels box, click Edit.
  2. In the Axis label range box, enter the labels you want to use, separated by commas.

How do I add horizontal axis labels in Excel?

Go to the Design tab from the ribbon. Click on the Add Chart Element option from the Chart Layout group. Select the Axis Titles from the menu. Select the Primary Vertical to add labels to the vertical axis, and Select the Primary Horizontal to add labels to the horizontal axis.

How do I label a legend in Excel?

  1. Select your chart in Excel, and click Design > Select Data.
  2. Click on the legend name you want to change in the Select Data Source dialog box, and click Edit.
  3. Type a legend name into the Series name text box, and click OK.

How to add axis labels in Microsoft Excel?

Select the chart that you want to add axis label.

  • and then click Axis Titles.
  • How do you rotate axis labels in Excel?

    Rotate axis labels in Excel 2007/2010. 1. Right click at the axis you want to rotate its labels, select Format Axis from the context menu. See screenshot: 2. In the Format Axis dialog, click Alignment tab and go to the Text Layout section to select the direction you need from the list box of Text direction.

    What are horizontal axis labels?

    The horizontal axis label is the label associated with the subgroup-variable LOT. The vertical axis label for the median chart, referred to as the primary vertical axis label, is the first portion of the label associated with the process variable WEIGHT, up to but not including the split character,…

    How do you edit horizontal axis labels?

    Click the “Select Data” button in the Data group to open the Select Data Source dialog box and then click “Edit” in the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels section. You can also right-click the horizontal labels, click “Select Data” and then click the “Edit” button.