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How do I verify a real estate license in Colorado?

How do I verify a real estate license in Colorado?

Real estate and mortgage broker licenses can be searched via DORA’s Division of Real Estate website at Search by license number, personal name, or business name.

How do I find my real estate license number?

Every Realtor and Broker should have received a pocket card that has his/her license number on it. If you are unable to locate your pocket card, you can request your Real Estate license number from your brokerage office.

How do I renew my Colorado real estate license?

How to Renew a Colorado Real Estate License

  1. Complete 12 Credit Hours of Annual Commission Update Courses.
  2. Complete 12 Hours of Elective Credits.
  3. Complete the Required CE Prior to Your License Renewal Date.

How do you get a real estate license in CO?

Steps to Get a Colorado Real Estate License

  1. Complete 168-Hours of Pre-Licensing Courses.
  2. Pass the Pre-License Course Final Exam.
  3. Pass the Real Estate Exam.
  4. Submit Fingerprints and Complete a Background Check.
  5. Provide Proof of Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  6. Apply for Your License.

What are the requirements for a Colorado real estate license?

Be 18 years old or older to be issued a Colorado real estate license.

  • Option 1: Complete 168 hours of Colorado real estate license education.
  • Take and pass both the general and state portions of the Colorado Broker Exam at a PSI test center.
  • How do you verify a real estate license?

    Search the website. Visit the Bureau of Real Estate’s website at At the website, click on “Verify Real Estate License” from the link. You should provide the requested information.

    What you should know before becoming a realtor?

    Before becoming a realtor, know that requirements vary from place to place. However, all states mandate that candidates have a high school diploma and be 18 or 19 years of age. To perform real estate duties, the person must complete state-approved courses and pass an examination to earn their license.

    What is a transaction broker in Colorado?

    Definition of Transaction Broker. A transaction broker does not represent the buyer or seller, but instead acts as a neutral resource to help both parties complete a home sale. For example, in Colorado, a transaction broker is the default role of an agent when there is no signed agency agreement between the agent and the buyer.