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How do I reset my Ram 3500?

How do I reset my Ram 3500?

How to Reset the Dodge Ram 3500 Computer

  1. Pop up the hood of your truck and hold it open with the rod.
  2. Remove the negative cable clamp from the battery, taking care not to touch the positive side of the battery with it.
  3. Let the vehicle sit for 30 minutes.
  4. Put the key into the ignition and turn over the engine.

Why does my Dodge Ram not start?

When a dodge ram 1500 will crank but not start, it is likely caused by a failing starter, the alternator, or a dying battery. If your Dodge Ram 1500 is able to turn over but not start, you are most likely dealing with a failed starter motor, fuel pump and in some cases weak battery.

How do I get my Ram 3500 out of limp mode?

To get the Dodge cummins out of limp mode you need to stop and shift to park. Turn the car off and wait 30 seconds, now turn it back on and it will be out of limp mode.

Why does my Dodge Ram 3500 not start?

While there are a variety of reasons your Dodge Ram 3500 won’t start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. 38% of the time it’s

How to test a Dodge 3.9L no start condition?

How To Test The Starter Motor (Dodge 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L). As you’re already aware, your Dodge 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L pick up (van, SUV) needs three very important things to start: air, fuel and spark. When your Dodge vehicle cranks but does not start, it’s because one of these three components is missing from the mix.

What does no crank mean on a Dodge truck?

In a no crank condition, the starter motor does not turn over the engine when you turn the key to start your vehicle. If your Dodge pickup (SUV, van) is suffering a no crank condition and you suspect the starter motor, the following tutorial may be of help: How To Test The Starter Motor (Dodge 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L).

What kind of Cummins truck won’t start?

Learn More. Discussion in ‘ 5.9L 24 valve Cummins ‘ started by egpeil, Sep 26, 2007 . I drove my truck last night without problem, parked it in the drive way and this morning it won’t start. It turns over fine just won’t come to life.