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How do I register for Spfo?

How do I register for Spfo?

Fill the Seafarer’s Details For any query contact at employee[hyphen]commr[at]spfo[dot]gov[dot]in

  1. Full Name *
  2. C.D.C. No.
  3. INDOS NO.
  4. Registration No.
  5. Father’s Name *
  6. Identification Or Other Distinguishing Marks *
  7. Permanent Address *
  8. Seafarer’s Email * Email is requiredEnter valid email idPlease enter a valid email address.

How do I check my Spfo online?

Step: 1 Go to URL: Step: 2 Click on Seafarer Login Step: 3 Go to User Type – Select – Seafarer Step: 4 Go to User ID – Type your CDC No. (full CDC No.

How can I check my provident fund in seafarers?

A) EPF portal

  1. Note: To check EPF balance, make sure that the employer has activated your Universal Account Number (UAN).
  2. Follow the steps given below to check your EPF balance online:
  3. Step 1- Visit the official EPFO Website-
  4. Step 2- From the ‘Our Services’ tab, click on ‘For Employees.

What is Spfo password?

Our password requirements are that a password: must contain at least one lower case, one uppercase, one numeric value and a special character such as @, !, $, #, or % must not contain spaces. must be a minimum of 8 characters in length.

How often do I need to sign up for spfo NLine?

By signing up for SPFO nline, you are accepting its Terms and Conditions, Privacy notice and Cookie Policy. SPFO nline is available to active, deferred and pensioner members. If you have more than one pension record, you only need to sign up once.

How to contact spfo Glasgow GOV.UK by email?

By email: [email protected] . Please bear in mind that you can set a “read receipt” to see if we have received your email, and allow us time to deal with your email Note: If you are an employer, please use the Subjects: as detailed in Mar 18’s PIP and limit attachments to 10 per email.

Is the user ID / password in spfo empty?

User Id/Password should not be empty. password contains at least one character one numeric and one special character (@$!.*). Please enter valid Captcha. Please enter Captcha.

How old do you have to be to retire from spfo?

From age 60 (55 if you were an active member after 31 May 2018) you can choose to fully retire, but this will reduce your benefits if you are not 60 and may reduce your benefits if you are 60 and you do not have protection under The Rule of 85. If you are interested in flexible retirement, you will need to obtain your employer’s permission.