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How do I put an RSS feed on my podcast on iTunes?

How do I put an RSS feed on my podcast on iTunes?

Click the “+” symbol in the upper-right-hand corner. Click “Add RSS Feed” and paste in the podcast’s RSS feed. Click “Add.”

Can you have multiple podcasts on RSS?

We are also happy to give you a 30% discount for 1 year when you create your 2nd or more podcasts with us. To take advantage of this offer, simply create a new account and email us ([email protected]) to let us know you’ve successfully created the account.

How do I combine podcasts in iTunes?

You can’t merge two feeds unless you do it yourself by putting the episodes for one feed into the other just as if you were adding completely new episodes. When you submit a feed and have it accepted iTunes reads that feed.

How many podcasts can you have on iTunes?

Apple Podcasts … features more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages.

How do I create a RSS feed for my podcast?

With RSS Podcasting’s podcast hosting service, creating an RSS feed for your show couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up for a free account, add your podcast details, and we’ll automatically generate your podcast’s RSS feed for you. Step 1. Log in to iTunes Connect Step 2. Validate your podcast’s RSS feed.

How do you submit a podcast to iTunes?

Submit your Podcast to iTunes / Apple Podcasts Now, time to submit your podcast! Once logged into Podcasts Connect, click the plus icon, top left, as shown. You’ll then be asked for your RSS feed address. If you’ve follow step 1 above, you’ll have that covered already! Just pop in your RSS feed URL and hit ‘Validate’.

Where can I listen to dr.stanley’s podcast?

Click Here Take Dr. Stanley with you, wherever you go. and are perfect for staying up to date on the latest messages! or subscribe to Dr. Stanley’s TV, Radio, and Daily Devotional podcasts with iTunes or your preferred RSS reader.

Who are the hosts of the minus three podcast?

Minus Three on Apple Podcasts Hosted by Dave Dameshek, MINUS THREE provides you with the hometown edge, informed counsel and rare access to the best bets every week on the sports calendar…with a particular focus on the teams representing the Keystone & Garden States (and their divisional rivals, of course).