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How do I prepare for Igcse English first language?

How do I prepare for Igcse English first language?

  1. Find out in advance which books you’ll be studying, and READ THEM.
  2. Use revision resources (like our brand new CIE IGCSE English Language Notes)
  3. Practice key skills like Persuasive and Creative Writing.
  4. Annotate, annotate, annotate.
  5. Nail the key vocabulary.
  6. Expand your own vocabulary.

Is Igcse English First Language hard?

IGCSE English is not a very difficult subject if you actually take the time to do two things: Produce your best effort in your coursework from the start, don’t think you will have time later to go back and make it good. You most likely wont have time to rewrite your whole coursework.

What is English first language Igcse?

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English is designed for learners whose first language is English. The course enables learners to: develop the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when speaking and writing. use a wide range of vocabulary, and the correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Which is the best Cambridge IGCSE first language book?

Up-to-date resources providing full coverage of Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (0500 and 0522) for first examination in 2015. This standalone, photocopiable Teacher’s Resource Book provides a complete solution to teaching the Cambridge IGCSE First Language English.

Which is the fourth edition of Cambridge IGCSE?

This Fourth edition Coursebook is designed to support the Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (0500) and Cambridge International Level 1/Level 2 Certificate First Language English (0522).

When does Collins Cambridge IGCSE teacher guide come out?

The Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Literature in English Teacher Guide supports the Student Book, giving teachers everything they need to teach the Cambridge IGCSE® and IGCSE® (9–1) syllabuses (0475 and 0922) for first examination in 2020.