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How do I make a complaint to Sandwell Council?

How do I make a complaint to Sandwell Council?

Complaints 0121 569 7867

  1. 8am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
  2. Have your say by making a complaint, suggestion or compliment.

How do I contact Sandwell housing?

Call us. Our contact centre is open Monday to Friday 8am – 5.30pm. If you are calling about a repair, please ring 0121 569 6000. For any other housing enquiry including rents, getting on the housing register and bidding for properties, please call 0121 368 1166.

How do I speak to someone at Sandwell Council Tax?

Call us. To make a payment call 0300 456 0514. For enquiries call 0121 368 1155. If you can’t get through now and you cant find what you need online please try again later – we’re open 8.45am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9am-5pm on Wednesdays.

Can I email Sandwell Council?

You can email your Local for non-urgent matters: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

How do you write a complaint letter?

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  1. Be clear and concise.
  2. State exactly what you want done and how long you’re willing to wait for a response.
  3. Don’t write an angry, sarcastic, or threatening letter.
  4. Include copies of relevant documents, like receipts, work orders, and warranties.
  5. Include your name and contact information.

Which council is Smethwick?

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
According to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, the borough comprises the six amalgamated towns of Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Smethwick, Tipton, Wednesbury, and West Bromwich, although these places consist of numerous smaller settlements and localities.

Is Sandwell a good place to live?

Sandwell: A family- friendly place to live and work At the heart of the West Midlands, Sandwell is a family- friendly place to live and work. Sandwell has homes to fit all needs, rich and diverse culture and friendly communities. It’s a great place to work and build a career as well as raise a family.

How much is Sandwell Council Tax?

Council Tax bandings

Band Sandwell Council Adult Social Care
A (up to £40,000) £906.02 £94.63
B (£40,001 – £52,000) £1,057.02 £110.41
C (£52,001 – £68,000) £1,208.03 £126.17
D (£68,001 – £88,000) £1,359.04 £141.92

How do I complain about a salary request?

Make it clear that you’re looking for compensation – but don’t specify exactly what you want. End the letter asking for ‘a meaningful and substantial gesture of goodwill’. You don’t want to underestimate the value of your claim. Leave it up to the company and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Is Sandwell still Labour?

Sandwell is a Labour controlled council divided into 24 wards represented by 72 ward councillors. The current political make-up of the council is as follows: 59 Labour councillors and 1 Labour and Co-operative councillor. 10 Conservative councillors.

How can I contact Sandwell Council about housing?

For any other housing enquiry including rents, getting on the housing register and bidding for properties, please call 0121 368 1166. Emergency contact details for housing. You can also visit one of our local centres or housing surgeries. We offer a textphone service for hearing or speech impaired customers 07860 048444

What can I do to give feedback to Sandwell Council?

You can make a comment, complaint or give any other kind of feedback, such as a suggestion or compliment in different ways: Make a complaint, compliment or suggestion about housing. We have a procedure for comments, complaints and compliments. The children’s social care complaints procedure is based on a principle of a 3 stage process.

What to do if you have a complaint about Sandwell School?

If your are not happy with how your complaint about health and safety has been dealt with you can contact the Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel. Sandwell schools want their pupils to be healthy, happy, safe, and to do well.

How does Sandwell Council share your personal information?

If your household has entered a new council tenancy after 1989, Sandwell Council would have shared your personal information with the Government for research and statistical purposes. It will not affect your benefits, services or treatments that you get. The information shared is anonymous and handled with care in accordance with the law.