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How do I get a refund from Papa Johns?

How do I get a refund from Papa Johns?

There is no cash alternative or refund available….To claim the Quality Guarantee:

  1. You must call the restaurant where your pizza was ordered and made.
  2. The claim must be made the same day as the original order within thirty (30) minutes of the time of delivery or pick-up.

Is Papa John’s an ethical company?

All of us have the right to expect Papa John’s to conduct its business lawfully, responsibly and with the highest moral and ethical standards. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is an affirmation of our high ethical expectations, as well as a helpful reference as questions may arise.

Does Papa John’s have a 30 minute rule?

Starting this week, unsatisfied customers can call their local Papa John’s within 30 minutes of their original pickup or delivery to receive another pizza free of charge, the chain said.

How long do you have to wait until your pizza is free?

’30 minutes or free’ promise is eligible till the first barrier point (security guard/reception etc.) Pizza Hut reserves the right to withdraw the service promise without prior information.

How do you contact Papa John’s corporate office?

Papa John’s Headquarters Phone Number. The Papa John’s corporate office phone number is (502) 261-7272. For customer services, you can call: 1800 3010 7272 and for sales support, call: 877-547-7272.

Is Papa Johns corporate?

Papa John’s Corporate Office and Headquarters address. Papa John’s Pizza is an American restaurant franchise company.

Who is the owner of Papa John?

Papa John’s International is a publicly traded company, with 25% of its shares owned by John Schnatter. In January 2002, Papa John’s became the first national pizza chain to make online ordering available to all of its U.S. customers. Most other national chains later added online ordering to their services.