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How do I find my Sims 3 product code on Origin?

How do I find my Sims 3 product code on Origin?

If you want to find your serial code, click on the TS3 icon in your Origin game library, then click the gear icon below the orange Play button, and select Game Properties. The serial code will be listed there.

How do I send my Sim to university Sims 3?

Only young adult sims or higher can go to university. After you’ve created your family, click on your smartphone / computer to apply to university. A moving truck will apear at your house, your sim will grab its luggage and enter the truck. After this your game will load a screen that says travelling to university.

What is the CD key for Sims 3 university life?

CD keys (Serial Codes) for The Sims 3 University Life: DTBB-G5H3-K276-8MZS-Y85F. BXH9-WZHV-Q09P-23WY-0FLT. NCBK-3WIW-VHV4-871J-0FLT.

What happens when you go to College in the Sims 3?

College is a time of learning and experimentation. Now your Sims can create their own campus memories and have experiences that will shape their destinies! Choosing a major begins an education that will pay off handsomely after college, with better entry-level jobs and quicker promotions.

What do you get for majors in Sims 3?

Each major comes with its own special item that boosts your Sims’ education. Business majors get an unfolding business planner that takes the ‘bored’ out of meetings, while Fine Arts majors get a sketchbook that blooms with all the little doodles that only real daydreaming can produce. Choose carefully, your Sims’ futures depend on it!

Can a university graduate Sims get a job?

At some point, your Sims will have to actually attend classes towards getting that degree. Sad, but true. Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: University graduate Sims can move up the career ladder more easily with faster promotions and a higher entry-level job.