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How do I find my old PSSA scores?

How do I find my old PSSA scores?

District PSSA and Keystone results and open data files can be found by visiting

How are the PSSA graded?

The PSSA tests measure how well students have mastered the Pennsylvania Academic Content Standards and report student performance using the following four levels: 1) Advanced: Superior academic performance. 2) Proficient: Satisfactory academic performance. 3) Basic: Marginal academic performance.

What grades take the PSSA in PA?

Every Pennsylvania student in grades 4 and 8 is assessed in science.

What are the results of PSSA in PA?

PSSA Results The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, also known as PSSA, measures how well students have achieved in reading, mathematics, science and writing according to Pennsylvania’s world-class academic standards.

What are the PSSA math results for 2019?

2019 PSSA Math Results Grade ​Total Number % Below Basic %​ Basic % Advanced/Proficient ​3 120604 22.4 21.6 56.0 ​4 123286 26.1 27.7 46.2 ​5 127592 23.3 33.7 43.1 ​6 127496 25.9 35.1 39.0

What are the PSSA results for English language arts?

2019 PSSA English Language Arts Results ​Grade ​Total Number % Below Basic %​ Basic % Proficient ​3 120564 11.4 26.6 45.4 ​4 123172 10.3 26.1 36.3 ​5 127550 9.6 31.8 42.7 ​6 127560 5.7 31.3 42.2

Do PSSA scores matter?

Another part of the false narrative against the PSSA tests is that they are “high stakes.” But the PSSA scores have no influence on promotion, placement, or grades for our students. For our students, they are actually low-stakes tests. The PSSA does have the potential to embarrass school districts.

Will there be PSSA testing in 2021?

It was March 19 when the Pennsylvania Department of Education announced that it was cancelling all Spring 2020 PSSA tests and Keystone exams due to COVID-19. That means there’s still plenty of time for the department to do likewise for 2021.

Are PSSA mandatory?

A: Yes, all students are required to participate. Students who have significant cognitive disabilities must participate in an alternate assessment (PASA).

Are PSSA tests mandatory in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania’s school code only allows for students to be exempted from taking the PSSA tests for religious objections.

Does the PSSA affect your grade?

A: Because the PSSA is designed to measure a student’s level of achievement of the Academic Standards as identified by the Assessment Anchor Content Standards, non- participation prevents the student from seeing how well s/he has achieved the Anchors. Also, non-participation affects a school’s overall results.

What happens if you fail PSSA?

Also, non-participation affects a school’s overall results. If a significant percentage of students fail to participate in the assessment, a true picture of the school will not be presented.

What does PSSA mean in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA)

Are PSSA mandatory in PA?

Is unschooling legal in PA?

Unschooling is legal in Pennsylvania.