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How do I find my AirDrop history on my iPhone?

How do I find my AirDrop history on my iPhone?

There is not a history or log of AirDrop activity. If you are concerned about access to your iPhone through AirDrop, take a look at the, “How to adjust AirDrop settings,” section of this article: How to use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. All the best.

Does iPhone have AirDrop history?

AirDrop logs are stored within the sysdiagnose log archive on iOS devices, and contain a plethora of valuable information.

How do you know if you’ve AirDropped something?

When someone shares something with you using AirDrop, you see an alert with a preview. You can tap Accept or Decline. If you tap Accept, the AirDrop will come through within the same app it was sent from. For example, photos appear in the Photos app and websites open in Safari.

How far away does AirDrop work?

Apple devices need to be in range of each other — about 30 feet — for AirDrop to work.

How do you airdrop on iPhone?

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone 8 or older) or swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen on iPhones and iPad with Face ID to launch Control Center. Press firmly (iPhone 6s or newer) or press and hold (iPads or older iPhones) on the wireless control box on the upper left side of Control Center. Tap on AirDrop.

How to turn on airdrop [with pictures]?

1) Go to Settings, tap General. 2) Tap AirDrop, then choose an option. See More…

Where to find airdrop files?

Files received via AirDrop are stored in the Downloads folder by default. To open the Downloads folder, you can navigate through Finder > Go or through the Dock. Clicking on the Downloads folder icon on the Dock will quickly show you recent downloaded files including your AirDrop files.

Where does airdrop save?

AirDrop Files Will Be Saved to ~/Downloads Folder. Just where are AirDrop files saved to by default? The user Downloads folder, ~/Downloads. All transferred files are stored in the recipients “Downloads” folder, located in their user home directory, but also accessible from the Dock for most Mac users.