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How do I certify my wood stove in Oregon?

How do I certify my wood stove in Oregon?

You must get a permit from your local building codes department. All new wood stoves and fireplace inserts must be certified for emissions performance to be installed in Oregon. Call your local city or county building department for details.

How do I know if my wood stove is certified?

How Do I Know if My Stove is EPA-Certified? All EPA-certified wood stoves have clearly marked labels on the back. New stoves in stores will also have a white tag that indicates it is EPA-certified. You can also look your model up on the EPA’s list of certified wood stoves (PDF).

Are wood stoves illegal in Oregon?

Oregon law requires removal and destruction of uncertified wood stoves and fireplace inserts when a home is sold. If a stove or insert is certified to meet wood smoke emission standards, it can remain in the home. The 2009 Oregon Legislature passed this law to help protect people from unhealthy wood smoke pollution.

What year did wood stoves become certified?

Emission Limits for Wood Stoves The internal design of wood stoves has changed entirely since the EPA issued standards of performance for new wood stoves in 1988.

What kind of wood is best for wood stoves?

Hardwoods, such as ash, oak, birch, beech, hickory, and hard maple, are optimum for wood burning purposes, including in wood stoves and open fireplaces. These woods burn well and emits high heat with little or no smoke. They are also easier to split than many other varieties.

How do you make a wood burning stove?

How to build a top-down fire 1. Place the largest pieces on the bottom of your wood stove firebox 2. Place a second layer of smaller pieces crossing on top of the main logs. 3. Place a third layer of even smaller pieces crossing on top of the second layer. 4. Spread some fine kindling on top 5. Push several newspaper knots on top of the kindling.

Is a wood stove a selling point?

A wood stove can add value to a house, but it can depend on what a buyer is looking for. Studies have shown that fireplaces in general are a selling point for a home, while wood stoves may help to increase house prices by up to 5%.

Can I install gas logs in a wood stove?

Gas logs cannot be installed in wood burning stoves or gas burning stoves. Wood stoves are designed to use far less air than wood burning fireplaces, so in most cases they have a 6″ diameter vent that is not enough to properly exhaust the fumes given off by gas logs.