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How do I become a certified radiology technician?

How do I become a certified radiology technician?

How to become a radiologist technician

  1. Earn a diploma or GED. Earn a high school diploma or pass the General Educational Development (GED) test.
  2. Obtain a degree.
  3. Earn a radiologist technician license or certification.
  4. Prepare a resume and apply for jobs.

How much does a radiologist tech make in NYC?

The NYSDOL reports that radiologic technologists in New York also earned an average annual salary of $70,620, (entry level-$460,100, experienced- $98,230).

How do I become a MRI tech in NYC?

Technicians usually need to have at least an undergraduate academic degree in MRI and in addition to a NY licensure by passing certification offered through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This can be broken down four steps: Step 1: Earn an associate degree. Step 2: Participate in a Clinical Program.

What schools offer radiology technician programs?

Some institutions that offer JRCERT-accredited 2-year degree radiologic technology programs include: Maine College of Health Professions. Chaffey College . Atlanta Technical College. Trident Technical College. Kapi’olani Community College. University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College.

What are the top radiology technician schools?

University of Iowa.

  • University of Mississippi.
  • Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.
  • Indian Capital Technology Center – Muskogee.
  • Manhattan College.
  • University of Alaska Southeast.
  • Mitchell Technical Institute.
  • North Dakota State University.
  • Western Technical College – Wisconsin.
  • What is a radiology tech program?

    A radiology technician is an allied health professional who uses X-ray machines to generate images of patients that can be used in diagnosis and treatment of disease. These medical professionals should not be confused with radiology technologists, people who use radiation in treatment and diagnosis…

    What is an accredited radiology program?

    An accredited program is a program that has been found to meet or exceed the Standards for an Accredited Program in Radiologic Technology. Accreditation awards range from 18 months to 8 years. For the specific length of the accreditation award granted, please search for the accredited program below and view the program details.