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How can I watch YouTube on my Nokia C3?

How can I watch YouTube on my Nokia C3?

Search for a video. Select the search bar of the mobile YouTube page, then use the C3’s keyboard to type in the title of a video you want to watch or enter keywords for videos you’re interested in viewing. For example, if you want to watch music videos, type in “music videos”.

How can I play YouTube on my Nokia?

1. Find “YT Music”

  1. Slide your finger upwards on the screen.
  2. Press YT Music.
  3. Press Library.
  4. Press the required category.
  5. Press the required audio file.
  6. Press the upper or lower part of the Volume key to adjust the volume.
  7. Press arrow right to go to the next audio file.

Is there a YouTube app for the Nokia C3?

Vuclip is a stripped-down video application designed to work on any phone and any network — including economy feature phones like the Nokia C3. Best of all, Vuclip indexes YouTube videos — this means that you can search for YouTube videos on Vuclip even though you may not have the YouTube app itself.

How much storage does a Nokia C3 have?

However, because C3 phones have limited built-in storage, the amount of video you’ll be able to store at any one time will probably be small unless you use an external storage device. Note that Nokia C3 phones use MicroSD cards for external storage. Using MicroSD cards, Nokia C3 phones can have up to 8GB of additional storage space. Try Video HD.

Which is the best web browser for Nokia C3?

Open up a browser on your phone. To begin, select the stock Nokia web browser or the Opera mobile browser on your C3 phone from the list of applications. Open either browser. For the stock browser, you can do this by selecting Menu > Internet from the home screen. The browser you choose shouldn’t affect your experience.

How can I watch YouTube on my cell phone?

Go to the mobile YouTube site. In the browser’s address bar, type in This should take you to the YouTube mobile site, which is optimized for the mobile viewing experience. If you cannot reach, you may have a problem with your phone’s wi-fi settings. Search for a video.