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How can I get a free pizza from Pizza Hut?

How can I get a free pizza from Pizza Hut?

Jump online onto the Pizza Hut site between 4-6pm AEST, visit the Free Pizza giveaway page and enter your email to redeem your coupon. The first 10,000 participants daily will get a coupon with a code to use online or in store, it’s first come first serve so make sure your alarms are set!

Do Pizza Hut do 50 off?

Save 50% Off Using Code 50% off at Pizza Hut if you spend over £15 online.

How do I use my free slices from Pizza Hut?

To redeem Pizza Hut slices, you can either apply them at checkout online (once you’ve decided on your order), or you can tap on your slices directly on the Pizza Hut app. There are 3 reward types you can get, each costing a different number of slices.

How do I claim my free garlic bread from Pizza Hut?

How do I claim my free garlic bread? Once you sign up for Hut Rewards and place a qualifying first order as a Hut Rewards loyalty member, you will be gifted with one free garlic bread, which can be redeemed on a following order within two months of your first order.

Does Dominos give free pizza on your birthday?

Domino’s is offering its customers a special delivery in more ways than one. To celebrate its 60th birthday, the pizza chain is offering customers the chance to win the equivalent of 60-years-worth of free pizza. That’s a free hot meal every month until 2080, or approximately 720 nights off cooking.

Where do you enter promo code for Pizza Hut?

If your coupon is available through our website, simply enter the code into the ‘Coupon Code’ box in your cart as you checkout. The details of the offer will appear as voucher details below the product items and will automatically apply if the conditions are met.

Can you get a free pizza with hut rewards?

1. Get free pizza with Pizza Hut Rewards. Free pizza is possible with the Pizza Hut Rewards offers. You can earn two points per $1 you spend at Pizza Hut, and you can redeem them for anything from breadsticks (75 points) to a large pizza (250 points).

What do Pizza Hut rewards get you?

Once you’re signed up with Hut Rewards, you’ll get 2 points for every $1 you spend online on Pizza Hut orders. After compiling 200 points—which normally comes as a result of spending $100 before taxes—you can trade them in for a free medium pizza, with any recipe and any toppings you like.

Are Pizza Hut rewards free?

Where can I get Pizza Hut take out?

Pizza Hut food delivery and take out pizza is hot, fast, and reliable! Find Pizza Hut coupons, online pizza deals and more at, on our mobile app, or browse our sitemap.

Is there a contactless delivery option at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is open and here to provide you contactless options to get your pizza any way you want it: delivery, carryout or curbside pickup. Simply ask a team member or select a contactless option during checkout at Looking for contactless delivery?

Where can I get Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza?

The brand put stuffed crust pizza on the map and makes delicious cheesy bread, pasta and wings. You can now place your order online at and have it delivered to your doorstep or go to your local store for carryout. The website makes it easy to determine which store is closest to your location before placing your order.

What kind of pizza does Pizza Hut serve?

Pizza Hut delivers hot pizza on a daily basis, serving businesses as well as residential customers. The brand put stuffed crust pizza on the map and makes delicious cheesy bread, pasta and wings.