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How are the rows numbered at Fenway Park?

How are the rows numbered at Fenway Park?

Rows 1 and 2 follow directly behind, while lettered rows typically run from A-M. In sections not behind home plate, numbered rows (usually just 1 and 2) are closest to the field. These rows are then followed by lettered rows beginning with A.

How big are the seats at Fenway Park?

Fenway Park

Capacity 37,305 (day) 37,755 (night)
Record attendance 47,627
Field size Left Field: 310 ft (94.5 m) Deep Left-Center: 379 ft (115.5 m) Center Field: 389 ft 9 in (118.8 m) Deep Right-Center: 420 ft (128 m) Right Center: 380 ft (115.8 m) Right Field: 302 ft (92 m) Backstop: 60 ft (18.3 m)

What are loge box seats at Fenway?

Loge Box sections are often in the shade during home games and can protect you from rain when weather is an issue. Many people prefer to sit in the Loge section instead of the field box section to stay out of the sun, rain and heat. When the Boston Red Sox take the field, you’ll have a great view from Loge Box Seats.

How to find your seats at Fenway Park?

Boston Red Sox interactive seating chart at Fenway Park. See the seat map with rows, seat views and ratings. Buy tickets or find your seats for an upcoming Red Sox game. Fenway Park Venues Fenway Park Red Sox Seating Seating Chart Boston Red Sox Seating Charts at Fenway Park Interactive Seating Chart Loading… Loading…

Which is the best seating plan for Anfield?

SeatPick has the most comprehensive Anfield Seating plan on the web. On this seating plan page you can discover where it is recommended to sit in Liverpool matches. See all the rows and seats at the venue. You can also skim through all the various Anfield interactive seating charts and read real fan reviews on the various sections of the stadium.

How many rows are in the loge box at Fenway Park?

The rows are lettered A through J so there are only 9 rows of seats. Face value for these seats will range from $57-$93 per ticket. The loge box seating area consists of sections 98-165. This is the area nudged between the field box seats and the grandstand seats.

Where are the outfield bleachers at Fenway Park?

The outfield bleachers at Fenway Park consists of sections 34-43 and they’re the most affordable seats in the ballpark. They’re a little far from the infield but offer excellent up close views of both the outfield and Red Sox and visiting team’s bullpen. Want to know the weird thing about the bleachers at Fenway Park?