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Does Elder Scrolls Oblivion have a map?

Does Elder Scrolls Oblivion have a map?

The Annotated Oblivion Game Map It shows the general layout of the land along with markers for campsites, Deadra shrines, Doomstones, Oblivion gates, settlements, natural landmarks, way shrines, and more. To download the annotated Oblivion map, right-click the image and select Save as.

How do you set a map marker in Oblivion PC?

I believe you press and hold shift, then left click on where you want the marker to be.

Does Oblivion look better on PC?

Oblivion looks better on a high-end PC than on the Xbox 360. Of course on the PC version, you can get rid of jaggies the old-fashioned way by jacking up the resolution.

Where can I find the maps for Oblivion?

Local and interior maps with further zoom and higher detail can be found on the articles for each location in the game. Oblivion Satellite Map — UESP’s own high resolution Cyrodiil map. Shivering Isles Satellite Map — UESP’s own high resolution Shivering Isles map. Cyrodiil roadmap — A map showing back roads as well as the major routes.

What can you do with a keyboard in Oblivion?

On a PC, this allows basic menu navigation via keyboard. In combination with the Enter key, you can scroll through your inventory, buying or selling items or spells rapidly without needing to move the mouse. Place your own map marker on the map (a blue marker that appears on map and on compass). Only one custom map marker is possible at a time.

How to zoom on the UESP Oblivion map?

A basic description of the UESP map can be found below. See UESP:Map Help on our wiki for more detailed help. Pan – Use the arrow control in the upper right or “drag” the map using the mouse. Zoom – Use the zoom control in the upper right or the mouse scroll wheel.

How does a dynamic map work in Oblivion?

Dynamic Map removes the need of any map dimension esp file if you use a map with non-standard dimensions (like the Stirk addition), since it reads the dimension data from the ini file and sets them accordingly through script. It also adds zoom to the worldmap, through 3 keys or zoom buttons.