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Does anyone die in As Above So Below?

Does anyone die in As Above So Below?

100 People – Fell to their deaths when the ground collapsed underneath them, mentioned. Benji – Fell to his death from a wire. Papillon – Sucked into the burning car, which then disappears, leaving only his legs. 3 Stone Figures – Destroyed by Scarlett and Zed.

What is the monster in As Above So Below?

Satan is the main antagonist of the 2014 movie As Above So Below. Hell in this movie is heavily inspired by its depiction in Dante’s Inferno. Although he only appears a few times in the film, it’s very likely that his origins are the same as in that story and that he is a fallen angel.

Does La Taupe die in As Above So Below?

La Taupe is lost under the rubble and is abandoned by the group. Passing through, they find a dark reflection of the crypt they just left, including La Taupe, who attacks Souxie by smashing her head into the rock floor, killing her.

Who was the creepy girl in As Above So Below?

One alternate, and very loose possible explanation, is that she is somehow Marie Antoinette. This is hinted at by the inscription on the wall that is seen where Benji is sitting, AD1793, which is the year that Marie was executed.

What was the plot of as Above So Below?

The plot of As Above, So Below follows alchemy student Scarlett ( Magnum P.I.’s Perdita Weeks) and her mission to find the philosopher’s stone. Harry Potter fans may recall the stone is an object supposedly discovered by French alchemist Nicolas Flamel in the 14 th century with the power to grant immortality and turn metals into gold and silver.

Who is the director of the movie so below?

As Above, So Below is a confusing but clever horror movie – here’s what its hellish twist ending is about. As Above, So Below is director John Erick Dowdle’s sixth feature and like his earlier films The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Quarantine, it’s a found-footage horror.

What happens at the end of as Above So Below?

With this knowledge, Scarlett brings the wounded George back from the brink of death. The remaining survivors of As Above, So Below then confess their sins and go through a manhole before emerging topside on the streets of Paris. This references something one of the catacombs’ apparitions told them earlier – the only way out is down.

Who are the main characters in so below?

After discovering the stone is in the claustrophobic catacombs under Paris, Scarlett enlists a team to accompany her that includes old flame George ( Superstore’s Ben Feldman), cameraman Benji (Edwin Hodge), French guide Papillon (François Civil) and his pal Zed (Ali Marhyar).