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Do you need pasma for podium steps?

Do you need pasma for podium steps?

Podium Ladder users do not need PASMA training. Although I would suggest that you treat them the very same as other ladders and have the tags and checks in place.

What is a podium step?

What is a podium steps? Podium steps are a safe way to access and work at low-level heights. These are a safer alternative to ladders as they are not only more stable but also provide guard rails for the user to ensure they are enclosed and secure on the platform.

How often should podium steps be inspected?

They must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in safe condition. So when should you inspect a ladder and by whom? – By the user each time before they are used. – By someone carrying out a formal inspection every 3 to 6 months (records should be kept of these formal inspections).

Can podium steps topple over?

If you need to use podium steps keep in mind that these are not 100% safe and they can topple over. 5. You should not paint ladders because the paint can easily mask or hide damaged areas of the ladder. If you need to use a ladder to carry out a task you are responsible for inspecting the ladder before using it.

What do you need to know about podium step inspections?

The podium step inspections checklist allows a competent person to check each item and identify any potential problems before the equipment is used. The podium step inspections checklist ensures compliance with PUWER, INDG402, WAHR & HSE regulations and best practice.

Where can I find Pas 250 podium steps?

PAS 250 is a fast-track standard developed by the British Standards Institution with input from the HSE to ensure the minimum safety requirements for low level platforms. Here you will find a range of adjustable PAS 250 Podium steps that have multiple platform and working heights.

How do you dismantle a podium step?

The following instructions detail the steps required to undertake this operation. 1. Open Guardrail and Gate. 2. Rise one guardrail at a time by pulling back the self return locks simultaneously and raising the guardrail 25mm. The Podium Step is complete and ready to use at its maximum height position. DISMANTLING PODIUM STEPS

Can a stepladder be used as a podium?

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 do not ban stepladders but they do promote the use of safer alternatives such as Podium Steps and other platforms which provide guardrails and greater stability. Scroll down for probably the UK’s greatest choice of podiums and platforms under 2.0m!! Great prices and mostly FREE delivery UK mainland.