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Can you put a lift kit on a Honda CRV?

Can you put a lift kit on a Honda CRV?

The Jsport CR-V 1.5″ Lift Kit is the perfect tool to maximize the performance, and the appearance of the CR-V. This will allow you to do more with your CRV, and the possibilities are endless.

Can you take a Honda CRV off road?

The well-rounded Honda CR-V defines the family crossover segment. However, Honda does not offer an off-road trim for this versatile vehicle. Here are options for those buyers that want to get mud on the roof of head out before the plow trucks in winter storms. The Honda CR-V defines its segment.

Is there a 2 inch lift kit?

2 inch lift kits are typically done with lift blocks and lifted leaf springs. They give you just enough lift to separate you from the pack.

What kind of lift kit do I need for my Honda CRV?

Last spring, I lifted my wife’s 2014 CRV using 20mm spacer blocks (which lifts 30+ mm / 1.5″ in reality). Lift any higher using larger size spacer blocks and it over stresses suspension moving parts. For higher lifts, recommend using performance lift kits – that use re-calibrated geometry parts.

Where to buy Honda CRV suspension and shocks?

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Can a Honda CRV be lifted with OME Springs?

Fun video of a Honda CRV lifted with the OME springs, and some wicked cool tires! Note that he did have to do some trimming to get this large of a tire installed. Enjoy! Our components can be used to lift the Honda Element. Please email us for more detail as this is not a direct-fit system. 1.5″ lift to the front and a 2″ lift to the rear.

Can you use spacer lifts on a Honda CRV?

Do it right, forget spacer lifts, install actual new lift springs! Old Man Emu suspension components are perfect for those who want ride quality over ‘show’ quality. Lift spacers represent “show”, not go. While they do lift your Honda, the stock springs are not made for the extra weight and leverage.