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Can Aria be a Muslim name?

Can Aria be a Muslim name?

Aria is a Muslim Boy name and has Persian origin. Aria is another spelling of the Sanskrit and ancient Persian name Arya, which means “pure”, “noble”. They are the same name and have the same meaning and pronunciation.

What is the name Aria mean?

Aria means “song” or “melody” in Italian. Its literal translation is “air,” and it is a musical term that refers to an elaborate vocal solo usually found within a larger piece of music, generally an opera. In Persian, Aria is a gender-neutral name that means “noble.”

Is Aira a Quranic name?

It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from . The lucky number of Aira name is 7….Aira Name Meaning.

Name Aira
Meaning Respectable
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 7
Religion Muslim

Is Aria a Hindu name?

The Sanskrit word Arya is a surname and a masculine (आर्य ārya) and feminine (आर्या āryā) Hindu given name, signifying “honorable”….Arya (name)

Word/name Sanskrit, Old Iranian
Meaning “noble one”
Other names
See also Aria, Aryan, Ariana

Is Aria a biblical name?

Aria has been in use since biblical times as both a male and female name. However, it has only recently made a comeback in terms of popularity, largely due to the popularity of the television show Game of Thrones. It is also the name of a popular resort and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is Aria a black name?

The race and Hispanic origin distribution of the people with the name ARIA is 71.0% White, 10.0% Hispanic origin, 13.7% Black, 2.5% Asian or Pacific Islander, 2.2% Two or More Races, and 0.5% American Indian or Alaskan Native.

What is the meaning of Aliza name in Urdu?

Aliza is a Muslim Girl Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Aliza name meaning is Joy, and in Urdu it means خوشی , شادمانی, مُسَرَّت. Aliza name is a famous Muslim baby name which is often preferred by parents. Aliza name meaning is “joy”. Aliza name meaning in Urdu is “خوشی , شادمانی, مُسَرَّت”.

Where does the name aria come from in music?

In music, an aria is a usually a solo in an opera. In Hebrew, it’s derived from Ariel, meaning “lion of God,” and its Teutonic origins relate it to a bird. Meaning, origin, theme…

What does the name Ariah mean in Hebrew?

Your baby girl’s name is beautiful, but just a heads up. I studied Hebrew in college and the name Ariah or Aryah simply means lion. While the name Ariel means lion of god as the “el” as in Elohim is added. So, though Ariah is beautiful it simply means “Lion”.

Who was the Persian prince with the name Aria?

People with the given name. Aria Barzan (Ariobarzanes of Persis, died 330 BC ),( known as Ariobarzane the Brave), an Iranian prince and military commander who led a last stand of the Persian army at the Battle of the Persian Gate against Macedonian King Alexander the Great.

What’s the meaning of Ariah’s middle name Talea?

Her middle name, Talea, is a name I’ve adored for some time that ironically was going to be used in a friend’s future book as a character inspired by me.