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Are UT campus buildings open?

Are UT campus buildings open?

Operational Status: Fully operational, fully remote. For Coronavirus web guidance, please contact FAS Communications Web at [email protected]

What is a celebrated entrance?

Celebrated Entrance: An entrance used by employees (including faculty), students, invited guests, affiliates, contractors, or any other person authorized to be present during restricted access hours. A celebrated entrance is an obvious and inviting entrance to University buildings and facilities.

Are UT buildings open on weekends?

Saturday and Sunday hours are typically 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If you plan to use campus rooms outside of these hours or are unsure if the room will be unlocked, please note within your event registration the requested lock/unlock times (see form below).

What time does PCL close?


Perry-Castañeda Library All regular collections are available when the building is open. PCL is restricted to UT students, faculty and staff between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Sun Aug 15 Mon Aug 16
UT Students, Faculty, and Staff Building Hours 7am – 11pm 7am – 11pm
General Public closed closed
PCL Desk closed 10am – 4:45pm

When was the Texas Union built on campus?

The Texas Union was built in 1933 to serve as a college independent community center or “living room” on campus. It is one of the buildings designed by Paul Cret who also designed the Tower and Main Building, Goldsmith Hall and Texas Memorial Museum on campus.

Is the University building open to the public?

With few exceptions such as museums, libraries and during certain events, University owned buildings and facilities are not considered open to the public. Access to University buildings and facilities is therefore generally restricted to employees (including faculty), students, University affiliates (“affiliates”) and invited guests. II.

Is there a hospitality center at the Texas Union?

Welcome to the Hospitality Center in the Texas Union where a friendly and efficient staff can provide answers to your questions about the Unions, the University, and the city of Austin. Here, you will also be able to make reservations for Tower Tours or get information on how to reserve rooms in the Texas Union and Hogg Memorial Auditorium.

Where are the screens at the Texas Union?

There are 12 screens located throughout the Texas Union, Student Activity Center, Prufrock’s Coffee Shop in the PCL, and the Wendy’s in Jester Center. Get info on DigiKnow!