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Are dogs allowed at Opal Creek?

Are dogs allowed at Opal Creek?

Dogs are not allowed in our cabins and public buildings, or on our property for overnight stays. Dogs are not required to be leashed in the National Forest, Scenic Recreation Area or Wilderness Area, but it is a popular and crowded hike in the summertime.

Are Jawbone Flats open?

Jawbone Flats is closed to the general public until further notice. We highly recommend that summer visitors carpool if at all possible. The Forest Service has established parking limitations at the Opal Creek trailhead. Please see the Willamette National Forest website for special regulations in place at Opal Creek.

How long is the Opal Creek hike?

11 miles
The hike is challenging, at 11 miles round-trip with 3,900 feet of climb. There are options for an even longer backpacking loop, so bring a map. The hike begins on uber-popular Opal Creek Trail, following the old road/trail for 0.6 miles to a bridge over Gold Creek.

Can you go to Opal Creek?

Access: Opal Creek Wilderness can be reached via Oregon State Highway 22 and Marion County North Fork Road. The county road becomes Forest Road 2209 at the forest boundary. (Bicycles are allowed on the road beyond the gate into Jawbone Flats but are prohibited on trails off of the road.)

Is the Opal Creek Trail open to dogs?

The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Beginning at the Opal Creek Trailhead, this hike is on a gravel road through an old-growth forest of cedar trees.

Where are the spur trails for Opal Creek?

About ½ mile from the gate, the road crosses Gold Creek on a 60-foot high bridge and begins to climb gradually. Shortly after Gold Creek, a spur trail leads down to the right to the Santiam 1 mine and river access. Several hundred feet farther up the road the Whetstone Mountain trail intersects to your left.

Where is the old road in Opal Creek?

This trail follows the original road into Jawbone Flats along the Little North Fork of the Santiam River, past some of the oldest trees in the Opal Creek Wilderness. About ½ mile from the gate, the road crosses Gold Creek on a 60-foot high bridge and begins to climb gradually.

Is there a trail from Bagby Hot Springs to Opal Creek?

No If you arrange for a friend to pick you up at the end of your hike, Opal Creek to Bagby Hot Springs is a great backpacking trip or long day hike. A map is highly recommended for this hike. Follow the Opal Creek trail a quarter mile past the Gold Creek Bridge.