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Why is Ocala horse country?

Why is Ocala horse country?

There are nearly 1,000 race horse farms in the county, big and small, and in 2007 it was officially named the “Horse Capital of the World™. So what makes Ocala horse country? The answer dates back to World War Two when a man named Carl Rose started the area’s first farm for Thoroughbred horses, Rosemere Farm.

Is Ocala Florida known for horses?

The Horse Capital of the World® In 2007, Ocala/Marion County was officially named the “Horse Capital of the World®,” a testament to the County’s unique involvement in all things equestrian and its record of producing some of the finest champions in the sport.

Why are there so many horses in Ocala?

Florida’s first horse-breeding pioneers knew that the limestone under Ocala’s soil allowed for building not only good roads, but also strong horses. Rose, bought hundreds of acres in Ocala for racehorse breeding and then encouraged others to take the same risk. It worked, and then Needles came along.

Is there a horse farm in Ocala Florida?

As Ocala Florida horse farm owners and equestrians, we LIVE the Marion County horse farm and luxury home market.

What makes Ocala the horse capital of the world?

Highways in Marion County have been named for the men. Needles became the first Florida-bred horse to win the Kentucky Derby. Other Ocala-raised horses started collecting major trophies. Ocala-bred Affirmed, an American Thoroughbred racehorse, won the Triple Crown in 1978.

Are there any horse racing events in Ocala?

Aside from producing some of the biggest names in racing, Ocala/Marion County is also home to national and international equestrian events and competitions, including the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, Live Oak International and Ocala Breeders’ Sale.

Where to stay at World Equestrian Center Ocala?

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