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Why does my Biasi boiler keep locking out?

Why does my Biasi boiler keep locking out?

Boilers need to be working within certain tolerances. Your boiler’s PCB will monitor things such as water pressure, gas pressure and even air pressure. If one of the readings that’s being fed back to the PCB isn’t within tolerance, the boiler will lockout.

How do I reset my Biasi boiler?

RESET that takes all parameters back to the factory value occurs only by setting “parameter 08=04”. Reset is displayed by switch on of all symbols present on the display. For the boiler technical informations refer to the section “TECHNICAL INFORMATION” to page 20.

Why won’t my Biasi boiler fire up?

If your Biasi boiler won’t fire up, it is likely that there is a problem with the ignition. There could be an issue with the burner, such as a blocked jet or a debris build-up which is preventing your boiler from igniting properly.

What does Fl mean on a Biasi boiler?

If the FL error code is flashing on your Biasi boiler, it’s the boiler suggesting the boiler pressure isn’t high enough.

Is the fault code the same for all Biasi boilers?

Biasi fault codes are generally the same across all their boilers, which makes it easier to identify the issue with your boiler. If you can’t find your fault code in the list below then we have listed every single Biasi boiler manual below that, the answers you seek shall be there!

What are the error codes for Biasi advance plus?

Biasi Advance Plus Combi error codes include all faults display on LCD as in Biasis ActiveA boiler plus Filling request: the boiler works regularly and the display shows all the icons, but the signal FL is flashing every 1 sec. Insufficient pressure: the boiler stops displaying the water lack error. Boiler in summer mode (d.h.w.).

What is the rating of Biasi in the UK?

If we take a look at Biasi UK reviews over on Trustpilot, it doesn’t look too bad at first glance. 4.1 out of 5 is a pretty solid score. However, 21% of Biasi reviews on Trustpilot are bad, which is a bit concerning.

When does the anti freeze function on Biasi turn on?

This function is always active at every hour (it’s not possible to set the time slots unless a remote control is connected). Boiler in anti-freeze phase (bP flashing + temperature flashing). Boiler protection only. Boiler in antifrost phase (AF flashing + temperature flashing).