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Who won the battle of Hamburger Hill?

Who won the battle of Hamburger Hill?

South Vietnamese
Battle of Hamburger Hill

Date 13–20 May 1969
Location A Sầu Valley, South Vietnam 16°15′11″N 107°10′29″ECoordinates: 16°15′11″N 107°10′29″E
Result American-South Vietnamese victory and withdrawal

Where was the battle of Hamburger Hill fought?

Thua Thien Hue
Hamburger Hill
Battle of Hamburger Hill/Locations

When and where was the battle of Hamburger Hill?

‘ For almost 11 days in May 1969, American troops waged a deadly battle for control of a 3,000-foot-tall hill in a remote valley in South Vietnam.

How many soldiers died at Hamburger Hill?

72 killed
U.S. casualties were listed as 72 killed and 372 wounded.

How accurate is the movie Hamburger Hill?

Hamburger Hill definitely belongs in the latter category, being one of the most realistic movies about the Vietnam conflict. Despite the opinion that it is among the goriest and most brutal war movies, it is actually very accurate about the events it portrays.

What was the average life expectancy of a door gunner in Vietnam?

Vlach served with the 54th General Command as a door gunner on an UH1 “Huey” helicopter. “They were short of gunners on helicopters, because the life expectancy was somewhere between 13 and 30 days,” he said.

How many died at the Battle of Hamburger Hill?

Battle of Hamburger Hill : American Casualties : Showing All Results Name State Date 7 Joe Thomas Conkle GA 05-20-1969 8 Gregory Douglas Cornett KY 05-18-1969 9 Ralph Joel Crutts MI 05-18-1969 10 Charles Joseph Cudlike MI 05-18-1969

What is the significance of the Battle of Hamburger Hill?

Famously known as “Hamburger Hill,” the battle launched the first phase of Operation Apache Snow , a coordinated attack by the U.S. Army and South Vietnamese forces (known as the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, or ARVN) against units of the northern People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN).

What was the Battle of Hamburger Hill?

The Battle of Hamburger Hill was a battle of the Vietnam War that was fought by U.S. Army and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) forces against People’s Army of Vietnam ( PAVN ) forces from 10 to 20 May 1969 during Operation Apache Snow . Although the heavily fortified Hill 937 was of little strategic value, U.S.