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Who is the winner of the next star?

Who is the winner of the next star?

Dunnery Bond is crowned the winner at Canada’s Wonderland on September 28, 2008. The second season of “The Next Star!” premiered on July 17, 2009. Suzie McNeil, Steve Cranwell and Christopher Ward all returned as judges, and Adamo Ruggiero returned as host.

When does the next Star Season 4 start?

The fourth season of The Next Star premiered on July 18, 2011. All three judges and host Adamo returned for the season. The season got a new logo – a big star with the show title on it. This season also had a new intro and the theme was slightly modified for the opening title sequence.

Who was the winner of the next Food Network Star?

The second season of The Next Food Network Star series was taped in December 2005 and began airing in March 2006. Guy Fieri was announced as the winner on April 23, 2006, beating Reggie Southerland. Fieri has achieved considerable success at Food Network since his victory, and is still regularly on air as of February 2020.

Who is the winner of Design Star Next Gen?

Carmeon Hamilton Is Crowned the Winner of ‘Design Star: Next Gen’ The interior designer from Memphis, Tennessee took home the prize for the first season of the head-to-head competition show.

Who are the top six on the next star?

The Top Six partner up to perform a duet: Alyssa & Amanda, Briar & Christina, and Dunnery & Maranda. The Top Six give back to local charities. The Top Six will travel across Toronto to attend to some superstar duties and meet Nikki Yanofsky . The Top Six unveil the finished result of their singles. A recap of the entire season.

Who are the hosts of the next star?

As of season 6, Carlos Bustamante (host of YTV’s The Zone) is replacing the show’s former host, Adamo Ruggiero and Web Host Mark “Suki” Suknanan was added to the cast. On September 22, 2013, YTV announced that The Next Star was getting a spin-off show, entitled, The Next Star – Supergroups. It will be about groups of singers performing.

When does the new season of Next Star start?

The very first episode premiered March 11, 2014. The season one finale premiered April 13, 2014. On March 5, 2014, the show’s Facebook page confirmed that The Next Star will continue onto season seven and premiered on July 14 to September 21, 2014.