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Who is owner of Rallis India?

Who is owner of Rallis India?

Tata Chemicals
Rallis India/Parent organizations

Rallis, a TATA Enterprise is a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals, with its business presence in the Farm Essentials vertical. It is one of India’s leading crop care companies. The company’s 2,300 distributors reach more than 40,000 retail counters across the country covering more than 80% of India’s districts.

Is Rallis India owned by Tata?

Pesticide maker Rallis India is now a subsidiary of Tata Chemicals. The latter acquired a further 4.09 per cent stake in Rallis, part of the Tata Group and one of the oldest major private sector companies in the country, for about Rs 89 crore to make it a subsidiary.

What does Rallis India make?

Rallis is known for its deep understanding of Indian agriculture, sustained contact with farmers, quality agrochemicals, branding and marketing expertise and its strong product portfolio of comprehensive crop care solutions. Agricultural solutions from the company benefit more than five million farmers.

Is Rallis A Tata company?

a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd during the year 2001-02. Rallis has discontinued the distribution of bulk fertilizers and the arrangement with Tata Chemicals came to an end from 1st March 2003. It is also shifting its focus from a seeds distributor to become a sourcing and branding company with focussed R&D.

Who is the owner of Rallis India Limited?

Rallis India Ltd is one of India’s leading crop care companies, providing agricultural solutions to more tha n 5 million farmers across 80% of the nation’s districts. Tata Chemicals Limited (“ Tata Chemicals ”) owns 50.06% of the Company’s equity share capital as at March 31, 2020.

Where is the Rallis plant located in Maharashtra?

An automated plant controlled by SCADA system manufacturing insecticides and located at Lote near Chiplun in Konkan Region of Maharashtra State about 275 Kms from Mumbai on Goa National highway. Spread over 50,029 sq. mts of landscape major portion is utilized for greenery development.

When did Ralli Brothers Limited close down in India?

The firm was converted into a Private Limited Company under the name of Ralli Brothers Limited. In late 1931, Ralli Brothers closed down in India after 80 years of existence and the business passed to Argenti and Co., acting as agents selling on commission for all of Ralli Brothers Limited.

How are the employees of Rallis treated at work?

Employees of Rallis shall be treated with dignity and in accordance with the Tata policy of maintaining a work environment free of sexual harassment, whether physical, verbal or psychological.