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Who is Andrew Lewis in Virginia?

Who is Andrew Lewis in Virginia?

Brigadier General Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis was born in Ireland in 1720, and fled to Virginia with his family at age 12. He built his home, Richfield, overlooking the Roanoke River. His expansive estate included much of today’s downtown Salem. Lewis was most noted for his military career.

Who is Andrew Lewis?

Andrew Lewis (soldier)

Andrew Lewis
Allegiance Kingdom of Great Britain United States
Branch Colonial militia (UK) Continental Army
Rank Brigadier general
Battles/wars French and Indian War Battle of Fort Necessity Lord Dunmore’s War American Revolutionary War

Is Andrew Lewis married?

Colonel Andrew Lewis was married twice – first to a daughter of Thomas Madison, by whom he had three children: one Charles who died unmarried, and Thomas, who was killed by McHenry in a duel fought with rifles which was fatal to both parties.

When was Andrew Lewis born?

October 9, 1720
Andrew Lewis/Date of birth

Where was Andrew H Lewis born and raised?

Lewis was born in County Donegal, Ireland to John Lewis and Margaret Lynn. In 1732 John Lewis fled to America after having killed his landlord during an altercation. He brought his family to Virginia, including his sons Andrew and Thomas. They became some of the first settlers in western Augusta County.

Who was the wife of General Andrew Lewis?

Early in the 1740s Lewis married Elizabeth Givens, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Cathey) Givens formerly of County Antrim, Ireland. Lewis and his wife established their own home.

What did Andrew Lewis do in the Revolutionary War?

Andrew Lewis (October 9, 1720 – September 26, 1781) was an American pioneer, surveyor, and soldier from Virginia. He served as a colonel of militia during the French and Indian War, and as a brigadier general in the American Revolutionary War. He is most famous for his 1774 victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant in Dunmore’s War.

Where is the statue of Andrew Lewis located?

An Andrew Lewis memorial is at the Salem Civic Center in Salem, Virginia, featuring a statue of Lewis next to a cannon. The former Andrew Lewis High School, now Andrew Lewis Middle School, opened in 1931 and is named for him.